Elastic Signal Cable Outfits Hearables and Wearables

ROBODENTM TI is described as a unique elastic cable groomed for wearable equipment including microphones, earphones, headphones, USB interface as well as other wearables including VR products. Developed by Japanese public company Asahi Kasei, the bungee-like cord cable stretches and shrinks to fit as needed and endures rain, sweat, and washing. Expanding up to 40% longer than its at rest length, the braided wire was originally developed for use in robotics and industrial machinery where cables may need to glide around joints that pivot or extend for millions of cycles of continuous duty. The cable can be flex millions of times maintaining stable performance without degradation.


ROBODEN TI has low electrical resistance, enabled by the use of metallic conductors. Aside from the stretch attributes, due to the weave and material of the fabric as well as the helical twist of the conductor, the cable is uniquely immune to microphonics, i.e., the pickup of body vibration and bio sounds. Audio cables and also USB cables can be fabricated from this elastic cable using straight forward connector termination techniques. For more details about ROBODEN TI, visit the company’s website.