Displacement Amplifier from Capacitec

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Capacitec Inc.

The Model 410-XSC from Capacitec Inc., Ayer, MA, is a family of single-channel, stand-alone capacitance amplifiers for OEMs. The 55 by 100 by 12.7 mm devices are designed to be compatible with noncontact displacement and gap probes and offer good stability, resolution, SNR, and bandwidth. Features include an open frame, optional compact enclosure with power supply, and the ability to rack-mount the boards for use with multiple sensors. The devices support very small sensors with high displacement ranges, long cable lengths, and those with especially wide displacement and gap ranges. Optional DA and display software provides additional linearization and signal conditioning abilities.

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Company: Capacitec Inc.
Country: United States (USA)
Phone number: 978-772-6033
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