DA Hardware, Software from HBM

DA Hardware, Software from HBM

HBM Inc., Marlborough, MA, offers its QuantumX DA system, MX410 universal amplifier, and catmanAP DA software as a bundle. The QuantumX system can be used to synchronize acquisition of different physical parameters, such as force, pressure, displacement, voltage, current, and acceleration. Integrated TEDS allows the system to automatically detect and configure all TEDS-compatible transducers. The MX410 offers 4 individually configurable inputs, each isolated and each with an analog output. Resolution is 24-bit and sampling rate is up to 96 kHz/channel. The amplifier is suited for SG transducers, IEPE sensors, ±10 V voltage signals, and ±20 mA current signals. The catmanAP software lets you acquire and analyze measurement data.

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Company: HBM
Country: International
Phone number: 800-578-4260
Fax: 217-328-6576

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