Custom Dashboard Simplifies Wireless Sensor Systems

Swift Sensors has added user-defined dashboards to simplify and enhance viewing and analytics of critical sensor data. These features will allegedly help users gain deeper insight into “big data” from wireless sensor networks and simplify IoT systems to deliver true value. The cloud-based dashboard allows real-time asset monitoring and sophisticated analytics from anywhere. It will show sensor data in the manner that’s most relevant to the user’s business, including the option to create multiple views of data streams to identify patterns and correlations.




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  • Custom Dashboards: Users can now create custom dashboards shared with all account users. Custom Dashboards are user-defined pages with a collection of panels with only the data users want to see, in the order they want to see it. 
  • Set Default Dashboard: Users can select their favorite dashboard to be their default view. When a Dashboard is marked as the default view, the user will be taken directly to this Dashboard upon signing into Swift Sensors. 
  • Combo Chart: The dashboard now supports a new Combo Chart panel.  This panel allows up to four measurements to be rendered on the same chart, even if those measurements use different units.
  • Expanded Language Support: Support for six new languages has been added.  In addition to English and Japanese, users can now also choose Danish, German, Spanish, French, Italian, and Portuguese.
  • Full Screen App behavior on mobile devices: The Swift Sensors Dashboard behaves like a full-screen app on mobile devices, thanks to full-screen support when launched from a Home Screen icon on iOS and Android.
  • Incomplete Threshold and Notification Warning: Threshold and notification lists now show a yellow warning icon next to incomplete thresholds and notifications with missing assignments of users, measurements, bridges, and/or sensors 

For deeper insights, visit Swift Sensors and/or give them a call at 866-308-1340.