Custom APD Arrays For LiDAR Applications Shine At Sensors Expo

Laser Components Detector Group introduces its first APD array at Sensors Expo & Conference: a line array with twelve elements in a DIL housing that is ideally suited for LiDAR applications. The new arrays are based on fast, low-noise avalanche photodiodes made of silicon that are arranged in a monolithic row. The sensitivity was optimized for the wavelength range from 800 nm to 900 nm; additional features include a low temperature coefficient and a very small gap (of just 40 μm) between the elements. The linear Si APD arrays are developed according to customer specifications; both the number and size of the elements can be defined individually. Two-dimensional matrix arrays will be available soon. Come see them at Sensors Expo & Conference, June 28 - 29, 2017, San Jose, CA, USA, Booth 225. For more info, go to