Cubic Inch SWIR Camera from Goodrich

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Goodrich Corp.

The GA640C-15A from Goodrich Corp., Charlotte, NC, weighs 26 g without its lens, has a volume <1 in.3, consumes 1.5 W, and can be integrated into handheld, helmet-, or weapon-mounted surveillance devices, unmanned aircraft, and any ground or maritime imaging system where size, weight, and power consumption must be minimal. The uncooled SWIR camera has 640 by 512 pixel resolution, a 15 µm pitch, operation in the 0.9–1.7 µm spectral range (an optional NIR camera model extends the spectral response to include the range from 0.7–1.7 µm), CameraLink communications, onboard automatic gain control, and operation without temperature stabilization. The device images in real-time video at 30 Hz, daylight to low light, through smoke, haze, and fog conditions.

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Company: Goodrich Corp.
Country: United States (USA)
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