Conductivity-Monitoring System Rides The Modbus

The Sensorex SensoPro Toroidal Conductivity Monitoring System combines a Sensorex TCS3020 probe, capable of reliable conductivity measurements in the harshest of environments, with the company’s latest EX2000RS transmitter, featuring Modbus communication. The TCS3020 probe measures conductivity using toroidal sensing technology, said to be more stable and reliable compared to traditional contacting conductivity sensors. Toroidal conductivity sensors do not cause polarization, do not become fouled, and rarely require maintenance.


The Modbus-equipped EX2000RS toroidal conductivity transmitter includes one analog output and can monitor conductivity, percent concentration, total dissolved solids, and salinity. The RS-485 serial interface with Modbus RTU or ASCII protocol provides multiple output options for integration with industrial automation systems. The onboard screen displays measurements in real-time and is capable of showing up to four weeks of historical measured values. The EX2000RS has a small form factor, an IP65/Nema4X case, weighs 1.1 lbs., and can be wall or panel mounted.


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The system as a whole features a conductivity measuring range of 0.0 µS/cm to 2,000 mS/cm, percent concentration measurements for NaCl, HCI, HNO3, NaOH, H2SO4, H3PO4, and automatic or manual temperature control. To learn more, contact Sensorex, Garden Grove. CA.

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