Compact PMIC Increases Power Efficiency In DSLR Cameras

Dialog Semiconductor introduces the DA6102, described as a highly integrated power management IC (PMIC) complete power supply solution  for DSLR, mirrorless cameras, and multi-cell Li-ion battery applications. The device promises longer operational run times for 2S Li-ion applications and less heat dissipation for space-constrained consumer devices.


The DA6102 features two buck regulators, one buck-boost regulator, one high-current buck controller, and two always-on LDOs. Low RDSon FETs enable efficiency as high as 94% for buck and buck-boost regulation. Other features include a switching frequency up to 3 MHz and an I2C interface. Most features are also configurable by OTP for simple output voltage and start-up sequence setup. The device is available in a WLCSP package measuring just 2.97 mm x 3.375 mm. For more information, visit