CO2 Sensor Is Small And Cost Conscious

Electro Optical Components introduces what it calls the smallest, low-cost CO2 NDIR sensor module for numerous gas detection applications. The EOC-PCL0A2K and EOC-IR300 NDIR CO2 gas modules have a precision light chamber, state of the art electronics, and employ intelligent software. Via a single light source, dual channel detector, and microprocessor, the EOC-PCL0A2K and EOC-IR300 can accurately measure the CO2 gas concentration. 


Temperature compensation is included as well as firmware to null out any nonlinearity. Measuring 10 mm x 33 mm, the EOC-PCL0A2K is said to be the smallest CO2 module available. As it uses a diffusion method, it is slower to respond to changes in CO2 levels. The EOC-IR300 responds faster and operates using either flow-through or diffusion methods.


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For more details and specs, checkout the EOC-PCL0A2K and EOC-IR300 datasheets, call Electro Optical Components Inc. at 855-362-6300 or 707-568-1642, and/or email [email protected].