Chip Trio Advances Mobile AI Apps

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is finding inroads to more than manufacturing and industrial automation. Mobile devices and related applications are more than fair game for the technology. For example, vision company NeuroMem Technologies recently introduced NeoCurie, a product line that promises to ease development of mobile AI designs.


The first entry in the product family is NeuroTile, a trio of devices combining features such as low power consumption, advanced learning, and mobile AI capabilities. A mobile AI module targeting wearables, robotics, drones, arms, and vehicles, NeuroTile combines an STM32 microcontroller (MCU) from STmicro, an FPGA from Lattice, and a neuromorphic chip NM500 from NeuroMem/Nepes on a module measuring 35 mm x 26 mm. Using an extra STM32 MCU can provide more software capabilities and Bluetooth functionality.


Sensors Midwest Hits Rosemont, IL October 16-17!

Sensors Midwest, the industry's largest event focusing on sensors, design, and IIoT in the Midwest region, is scheduled for October 16-17 at the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center in Rosemont, IL. Co-located with STMA, the event draws over 1,000 engineers and engineering professionals that are looking for access to the latest sensor advancements and will provide an opportunity to connect with the area's greatest technology leaders and suppliers.


NeuroTile uses the pattern recognition and training capability from NeuroMem technology, an AI technology on silicon that allows learning and recognizing pattern in real-time. The Neuromorphic NM500 chip features include: 576 neurons, each one holding up to 256 bytes learned or loaded pattern signature; neither data, nor instructions displacement providing unmatched power efficiency; equivalent to 85 Giga operations/s at 37 MHz and 120 MW; real-time learning capability; novelty detection and high-performance clustering (unsupervised) capability; constant learning and recognition time (8 µs) regardless of network size; and an expansion bus for additional neuromorphic chips (NM500 or CM1K)


According to the company, NeuroTile suits all applications requiring sensors with the need of easy and fast pattern learning and pattern recognition. For more info, contact NeuroMem Technologies.