Camera Detects Methane Gas Without Cooling

FLIR Systems’ FLIR GF77 is the company’s first uncooled thermal camera designed for detecting methane. Reportedly, it provides methane gas detection capability at roughly half the price of cooled gas inspection thermal cameras.  


Light weight, the GF77 features an ergonomic design, a vibrant LCD touchscreen, and a viewfinder to make it easy to use in any lighting conditions. The camera is engineered specifically to detect methane to improve gas inspections and reduce the chance of false readings. The GF77 also offers FLIR’s patented High Sensitivity Mode (HSM), which accentuates movement to make tiny gas plumes more visible to the user.


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Other features include laser-assisted autofocus to help inspectors target leaks better, and one-touch contrast that makes gases stand out clearly against the background. Additionally, a rapid-response graphical user interface helps professionals increase efficiency by allowing them to organize job folders, record notes, and add GPS location annotation on the camera. Learn more, peruse the GF77 datasheet.