Bulkhead Couplers Dress For Industrial Seasons

L-com Global Connectivity’s latest series of IP67-rated, RJ-45 bulkhead couplers for groomed for use in industrial enclosure and panel mount applications. The WPBHC series RJ45 bulkhead couplers are available in both Category 5e and Category 6 versions and are shielded for maximum EMI/RFI protection. These couplers do not require special mating assemblies and are designed to be capped when not in use. Each coupler includes a dust cap that is tethered by a lanyard. A coupling nut and O-ring along with a simple cut-out design allow for mounting without additional hardware or tooling. The couplers utilize standard RJ45 jacks on both sides and the inner side features a low profile protrusion allowing for maximum space within a panel or enclosure. The IP67, RJ-45 bulkhead couplers are in stock and available for immediate shipment.


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