Battery Contacts Slip Easily Into Molded Cases

Keystone Electronics’ latest coil spring contacts are designed to slide into molded cases with no wire lead, affording direct placement onto a PCB. Engineered with a contact design that adjusts to variations in battery length, the contacts ensure low contact resistance and dependable connectivity by adjusting to variations in battery length. 


The contacts also offer the feature of being drop in replacements for standard leaf spring contacts.  Contacts accommodate cylindrical batteries styles including A, AA, AAA, and CR2 cells, virtually eliminating the need to specify brand and style.


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Manufactured from 0.61-mm thick steel wire, the components are supplied with nickel plating in a positive contact style (Cat. No 243 or 180) or negative contact style (Cat. No 242 or 179) and in a dual contact style (Cat. No 244 or 181).  Availability is from stock. For further details, visit Keystone Electronics, call (800) 221-5510 or (516) 328-7500, or send an email to [email protected].