Automotive MOSFETs Set Up Shop In Tiny Dual-Side Cooling Package

The STLD200N4F6AG and STLD125N4F6AG 40V power MOSFETs for automotive motor-control applications devbut in the advanced PowerFLATTM 5x6 dual-side cooling (DSC) package, enabling increased power density in automotive Electronic Control Units (ECUs). The 0.8-mm high PowerFLATTM 5x6 DSC retains the footprint and thermally efficient bottom-side design of the standard package, while it exposes the top-side source electrode to accelerate heat dissipation. This allows a higher current rating that increases power density, enabling designers to build smaller ECUs without trading off functionality, performance, or reliability. Both devices feature a maximum drain current of 120A, maximum on-resistances of 1.5 mΩ and 3 mΩ, and total gate charges of 172nC and 91nC, respectively. The STLD200N4F6AG and STLD125N4F6AG have been AEC-Q101 qualified and are available now at prices starting from $1.15 each/1,000. For further information, visit



Burlington, MA