Area Control Gateway from Inovonics


The EchoStream EN6080 Area Control Gateway (ACG) from Inovonics, Louisville, CO, is a PSIA-compliant device that provides IP-based interoperability of leading access control, video, and area control systems. The gateway enables the integration, configuration, and management of thousands of wireless devices, establishes interoperability between multiple physical security systems, and creates a common communication platform to build customized commercial security systems based on specific organizational requirements. Common data flow and sharing between access control, wireless intrusion, video, and associated analytics provides a centralized view of facilities and systems. Features include direct IP integration; EchoStream secure, supervised mesh network linked to a standard Ethernet LAN; support for up to 3000 wireless endpoints; and device monitoring for battery status, supervision, tampering, and alarm/restore.

Contact Info

Company: Inovonics
Country: United States (USA)
Phone number: 800-782-2709