Anti-Alias Filter Module from Microstar Labs

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Microstar Laboratories Inc.

The Anti-Alias Multichannel Filter software module from Microstar Laboratories Inc., Bellevue, WA, is an addition to the timing and machinery software tools for the company's xDAP DA systems. The software leverages the reserve processing capacity of an xDAP system to provide a software-configurable digital implementation of multichannel anti-alias filtering, automatically configuring digital anti-alias filtering on each channel to eliminate all frequencies that could possibly alias to the band that you care about, aligning the filter cutoff to the band you select. Amplitude distortion is <1 LSB of 16 bits and rad phase distortion is <0.01 from frequency 0 through 80% of the Nyquist frequency at the specified output data rate.

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Company: Microstar Laboratories Inc.
Country: International
Phone number: 888-678-2752