Analog ASIC Hypercharges 5G And Other Apps

MegaChips’ 16-nm FinFET analog ASIC with integrated Gigabit-class data converters promises to meet the cost and performance demands of 5G networks and other high-volume applications. Allegedly, the analog ASIC breaks through the cost barriers for high-speed applications by integrating 6.8-Gsamples/s data converters into an advanced SOC.


Millions of millimeter-wave small cells are needed to address the 5G network challenge. The analog ASIC represents a breakthrough in CMOS scaling and analog integration for high-speed designs. It provides a complete analog front-end with a 14-bit, 3.4/6.8 Gsamples/s ADCs and 12-bit, 3.4/6.8 Gsamples/s DACs in a 16-nm SoC that saves power, cost and space.


Designed for performance, the company's Analog Mega Block (AMB) IP includes high-speed ADCs, DACs, PGAs, IAMPs, PLLs, and filters in a single silicon chip. It is available in both discrete AFE and ASIC SoC solutions. With over 50-million chipsets shipped in the last decade, MegaChips' technology is found at the heart of many of the world's leading high-speed communications products. For additional information, visit MegaChips Technology America Corporation.