6A eVR Emerges As The Market’s Smallest

Endura Technologies’ Endura ET7730 embarks as the industry's first 28-nm embedded voltage regulator (eVR). The device is a three-phase 6A switching regulator, integrated inside a SoC package measuring 5 mm2 and less than 200 µm in height including inductors. Other features include:


•A 70 MHz to 130 MHz programmable dc/dc buck converter

•Ultra-fast Dynamic Voltage Control (DVC) for DVFS, >100x improvement in slew rate (>500m /100 ns)

•Small L/C components ideal for land-side/top-side in-package integration

•Wide output voltage regulation range: 0.1V to 1.1V

•High efficiency, flat over entire load range

•Seamless, automatic PFM/PWM operation & phase shedding without hysteresis

•Built-in fast digital current reporting in <1 µs with no external components


Evaluation boards are available for testing and validation. For more details, contact Endura Technologies.