16A SCR Thyristor Takes On EVOBC Applications

Littelfuse’s 16A SCR (silicon-controlled rectifier) switching thyristors especially target electric vehicle on-board charge (EVOBC) applications. S8016xA Series SCR Switching Thyristors offer reliable ac-handling and surge robustness, which allows them to handle Level 1 charging up to 16ARMS at 120V, and Level 2 charging up to 16ARMS at 240V at +100°C and up to 25ARMS at +80°C. The series is the first line of SCR switching thyristors capable of handling such high current levels in TO-220R and TO-263 packages that are also AEC-Q101-qualified and capable of supporting the Production Part Approval Process (PPAP).


Typical applications for S8016xA Series SCR Switching Thyristors are input rectification of AC line inputs for electric vehicle on-board and off-board chargers. Device features include:

  • With a maximum repetitive off-stage voltage (VDRM) of 800V, they can handle inputs from AC mains of up to 250VRMS.
  • An RMS on-state current (IT(RMS)) up to 25A makes them suitable for use with Level 1 and Level 2 AC charging applications.
  • With a high peak non-repetitive blocking voltage (VDSM) of 1300V and a non-repetitive peak surge current (IPP) of 2400A, they can survive a 6kV surge when used with a proper automotive-qualified metal oxide varistor (MOV) for AC mains overvoltage protection, such as the Littelfuse AUMOV® Series.
  • AEC-Q101 qualified and capable of supporting PPAP (production part approval process), making them ideal for protecting a Level 1 AC onboard charger.


The S8016xA Series is available in either TO-220R packages in quantities of 500, with 50 per tube or in TO263 (D2-Pak) packaging in quantities of 500 in an embossed carrier reel pack. Additional information is available on the S8016xA Series SCR Thyristor product page as well as a datasheet.