Christian Bugislaus Carstens

Christian Bugislaus

Christian Bugislaus Carstens is the Marketing Manager at BLIP Systems, producers of the sensor agnostic BlipTrack solution. He has an extensive background in all modern forms of marketing and brand building activities – both offline and online. BLIP Systems is a privately-held information technology company with headquarters Aalborg, Denmark. The company is a provider of data analytic tools to transform traveler flow into value, and creating easy-to interpret decision-making tools of end-users. The BlipTrack solution is successfully employed in optimization efforts in more than 30 international airports, including Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam, JFK Airport in New York and El-Prat Airport in Barcelona. The solution is also implemented in road traffic in Switzerland, New Zealand, USA, UK, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Canada and Ireland. In recent years, the solution has also been rolled out in ports in Denmark and the UK.