Ultra-low-power MCU paired with Bluetooth 5 (BLE) and IEEE 802.15.4 radio creates high-performing wireless platform.

Position and proximity sensors market cruising towards $13,626.7 Million by 2026.

Shortwave Infra-Red (SWIR) camera market growing at a CAGR of 7.1%.

Card supports 4x4 MIMO and inter and intra-band Uplink carrier aggregation (CA)

MIT Technology Review announces its annual 10 Breakthrough Technologies list.

Class-leading detection accuracy and low power consumption support the increasing demand for vital sign sensing

Real-time clock module RV-3028-C7 sets benchmark for lowest power consumption.

TVN 3 family of 3W, low-noise dc/dc converters come in a compact SIP 8 package measuring 0.86” x 0.38” x 0.44”.

First 77-GHz analog automotive radar to implement micro doppler signature extraction to discriminate between road objects.