FSP200 provides reliable heading accuracy for low-cost robot navigation applications.

Hillcrest Labs offers an enhanced sensor node with reliable motion tracking for virtual and augmented reality and 3D audio.

Self-powered IoT sensors for Bluetooth and EnOcean wireless sensor networks enable intelligent buildings.

Microsemi and Imperas offer Extendable Platform Kit for Microsemi Mi-V RISC-V Soft CPUs.

Innovusion launches new category of Image Grade LiDAR boasting superior capabilities to accelerate development of autonomous vehicles.

Catalog highlights digital networking solutions for Industry 4.0

Custom devices include proximity sensors and ultrasonic speakers, providing both detection and an audible alert.

Highly accurate digital temperature sensor helps designers of cold-storage equipment meet demanding error budget targets.

Affordable digital device combines thermal imaging with precision electrical measurement

Ultrasonic technology forges consistent volume production of air-coupled ultrasonic transducers for numerous markets.