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Writer Guidelines for Submitting Original Articles To Sensors Magazine

Step One:

Submit a brief abstract, 200 to 400 words, stating the topic of your article, what it contains, and its goal. Send the abstract via email to Mat Dirjish at mdirjish@questex.com.

Step Two:

After we work out any issues with the abstract, create a finished article. The final submission should be as follows:

  • Body of the text should be in Microsoft Word (.doc format)
  • Font should be Times Roman or Arial 12 pt
  • There should be no unique or esoteric formatting in the text, i.e., columns, boxes, etc., and single spacing is highly welcomed
  • Graphic and photos must be separate files and not embedded in the text body
  • Graphics and photos should be JPEGs, 100 dpi or higher (max. 300 dpi)
  • All graphics require a caption that is a complete sentence. These can be in the text files with references to the associated graphics, i.e., see fig 1, in chart 3, etc.
  • We need a photo of the author, a headshot, preferably on a white or light background, also a JPEG, 100 dpi minimum
  • We also need the author’s title and a brief bio.

Step Three:

And that’s it!




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