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X-Change Corp. Receives Purchase Order from U.S. Navy

January 31, 2007

The U.S. Navy's purchase order for X-Change's subsidiary AirGATE's surface acoustic wave (SAW) RFID development kits will allow them to test the tags, which operate well around metal and liquid and withstand extremes of heat and radiation.

DALLAS, TX--(BUSINESS WIRE)--X-Change Corp. (OTCBB: XCHC) announced that its wholly owned subsidiary, AirGATE Technologies, Inc., has received a purchase order for a surface acoustic wave (SAW) development system and support services from the U.S. Navy.

"Whether tagging drill pipe, medical instruments, munitions or remote temperature sensing, AirGATE continues to seed the market with SAW development systems," commented Matt Ulrich, National Sales Director–SAW Systems. "We work closely with our customers in commercializing these applications that could lead to significant revenue for AirGATE when completed," continued Ulrich.

AirGATE is the exclusive agent for Carinthian Tech Research of Austria for SAW systems in North America, and is one of a handful of companies delivering SAW RFID systems for harsh environments, long read range, and temperature sensing. AirGATE has delivered development systems to Fortune 1000 companies, NASA-Johnson Space Center, the U.S. Navy and other key companies. SAW technology works very well around metal and liquid which are usually challenging for semiconductor based RFID tags and systems. It is especially well-suited for tagging munitions and combustibles because of its low power emissions.

The benefits of SAW RFID tags come from a fundamentally different device technology than semiconductor-based tags. SAW tags are truly passive crystal devices. SAW devices are built on the surface of piezoelectric crystalline materials. This allows the devices to provide long read ranges, work well in proximity to metal and liquid, and work over very wide ranges of temperature and in the presence of radiation dosages that would render semiconductor devices useless.

About X-Change Corporation
X-Change Corporation, through its wholly-owned subsidiary, AirGATE Technologies, Inc. is a leader in unique, vertical market applications utilizing RFID and wireless, intelligent sensor technology. AirGATE Technologies, a full-solution company, handles business assessment, technology selection, including proprietary AirGATE technology, integration and support. The Company has, in an environment of technology cost compression, built a stable of technology partners that are best in class and span a wide range of solutions to support small, medium and large enterprises. Please visit AirGATE Technologies or X-Change Corp. for further information.

X-Change Corporation
Michael L. Sheriff, Chief Executive Officer, 972-747-0051
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Rick Eisenberg, 212-496-6828

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