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Trichord Rolls Out Portable Evacuation Monitoring System

June 29, 2006

Moveable networks of traffic sensors and data management centers would help emergency management officials and traffic managers monitor and report congestion during mass evacuations.

LEESBURG, Va. /BUSINESS WIRE/ -- Trichord, Inc. has introduced the Portable Evacuation Monitoring System (PEMS) for emergency situations, portable traffic monitoring, and work-zone traffic management. These moveable networks of traffic sensors and data management centers were developed for emergency management officials and traffic managers to monitor and report congestion during mass evacuations. Between emergencies, PEMS is deployed for real-time traffic monitoring in highway work zones and around large-scale special events, such as concerts, NASCAR races, and even college football games.

The portable part of the PEMS system consists of mobile carts equipped with wireless communication links, traffic sensors, and video cameras. Powered with solar-recharged batteries, PEMS carts can collect and transmit traffic data during Category 1 or Category 3 hurricanes and be redeployed within a region in 24 hr.

Beyond the field equipment, PEMS includes Trichord's data management center and real-time monitoring applications for use in operations centers or in field stations. The system provides real-time traffic data on any road, including lane-by-lane speed, vehicle counts, travel time, and video imagery—all accessible within 60 s via Trichord's Traffic Viewer and JamTrackerPlus. The modular, open architecture can integrate and interoperate with existing transportation and emergency management systems.

The first major deployment of PEMS began this month in Hampton, Va., to monitor construction work-zone traffic during the final phases of Virginia DOT's Coliseum Central Highway Improvement Project.

"While PEMS was developed specifically as an evacuation tool, the Coliseum Central Project deployment is a classic example of how this system can serve the day-to-day needs of motorists and transportation officials between emergencies," said Craig Franklin, president of Trichord, Inc.

Worker safety and congestion management are continuing concerns for construction firms and public transportation departments. New mandates to include work-zone monitoring and information distribution in major highway projects have prompted demand for re-deployable and cost-effective technology.

Trichord Inc. provides transportation systems integration and consulting services for Intelligent Transportation Systems, real-time traffic and traveler information, emergency management and Homeland Security, and for data management and server hosting. More information is available at the company Web site or (703) 737-0162.

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