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MDC Introduces Conductive Ink with Low Electrical Resistance

September 9, 2008

The material's properties are well suited for the growing printed-electronics industry, which serves the RFID, backplane, photovoltaics, and security markets.

CHICAGO /PRNewswire/ -- Methode Development Co. (MDC), a business unit of Methode Electronics Inc., announces a new conductive ink formulated for thermal inkjet systems. Methode's new water-based ink is called product #9101 and is highly conductive when printed with a resolution of 600 dots per inch.

The printability and conductivity of the ink will be on display at the NIP24/Digital Fabrication 2008 Conference in Pittsburgh, PA, until Thursday, September 11, in the Conference Gallery. Specific applications will also be discussed during the session titled "Evaluation of Conductive Inks for Anti-Counterfeiting."

The conductive properties are well suited for the growing printed electronics market. Security printing, RFID, signage, displays, backplane, photovoltaics, and security markets require the efficient and cost effective manufacturing alternative of thermal inkjet printing.

The thermal inkjet formulation contains conductive silver nano-particles and does not require secondary curing or additional processing. Near full conductivity is achieved within a few minutes of printing. The ink is RoHS-compliant and negligible volatile organic compounds are created during printing, alleviating the need for specialized ventilation during application.

When printed on glossy photo-grade paper, it has a uniform, metallic-gold appearance that is demanded by converters for decorative applications.

For more technical information, please contact Frank St. John, Product Manager, Methode Development Co., at 708-457-3223 or at fstjohn@methode.com.

About MDC
Methode Development Co. is a leader in the materials development and application of ink technology in the microelectronics industry. Products include conductive and insulating inks, position sensing resistor elements, cermet and polymer thick film components and circuits, carbon fiber heaters, Sonicrimp technology, and EMC shrinkMate. Methode Development Co. is located in Chicago, IL.

About Methode
Methode Electronics Inc. is a global manufacturer of component and subsystem devices, with manufacturing, design, and testing facilities in the U.S., Malta, Mexico, U.K., Germany, Czech Republic, China, and Singapore. Methode designs, manufactures, and markets devices using electrical, electronic, wireless, sensing, and optical technologies to control and convey signals through sensors, user-interfaces, interconnections, and controls. They manage their business on a segment basis, with those segments being automotive, interconnect, power products, and other. Their components are in the primary end markets of the automobile, computer, information processing and networking equipment, voice and data communication systems, consumer electronics, appliances, aerospace-vehicle, and industrial-equipment industries.

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