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GE Fanuc Announces Two New Products for Industrial Automation

September 20, 2006

The systems perform overall equipment-effectiveness monitoring and analysis, and manage manufacturing intelligence, execution, and visibility.

Proficy Machine Tool Efficiency 4.0
ARCwire -- GE Fanuc Automation announced the availability of Proficy Machine Tool Efficiency 4.0, reportedly a breakthrough overall equipment effectiveness monitoring and analysis solution that digitizes the information being generated throughout factories into a "virtual plant" that can be accessed where, when, and how it is needed.

Proficy Machine Tool Efficiency is a unique turnkey solution incorporating the "most powerful" machine tool connectivity solutions available to provide "the most comprehensive, actionable root cause analysis." It also provides a suite of remote diagnostic tools to maximize mean time between failures and minimize mean time to repair, and can be used to populate fields in computer maintenance management systems to deliver the promise of true usage-based preventative maintenance.

Applied Solutions Aimed Specifically at Assembly Applications
GE Fanuc Automation also announced the availability of applied solutions aimed specifically at assembly applications, and they are Proficy Assembly for Discrete Industries and the Assembly Application Suite.

Proficy Assembly for Discrete Industries includes targeted solutions that address manufacturing intelligence, execution, and awareness through a combination of GE Fanuc software with control solutions. Baseline capabilities of the solution include in-line sequencing, BOM distribution, error proofing, quality assurance, production reporting, product birth certificates, and overall equipment efficiency. Optionally, users can elect to use other features in GE Fanuc's Proficy Tracker product for material delivery, routing control, and order execution management tools.

The Assembly Application Suite is a complete hardware and software product portfolio that reportedly can reduce engineering costs, engineering time, and maintenance costs. This applied solution provides an integrated hardware and software assembly solution that machine tool builders and end users can use as a baseline in developing applications. The Assembly Application Suite is a fully featured set of Proficy Machine Edition LD-PLC and View "building blocks" to be used in developing assembly system applications. The Proficy ME tool chest enables a common development environment for zone (master) controllers, automatic stations, manual stations, repair stations, and test stations used in application development. The hardware architecture is based on, but not limited to, Panel C Industrial Computers, QuickPanel, PACSystems, I/O Digital Servo Motion, Profibus Fieldbus, and RFID.

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