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Epson Toyocom Develops High-Performance SAW Resonator

July 3, 2008

The NS-34R offers ±200x10-6 stability and 2.5 GHz frequency with fundamental waves.

SAN JOSE, CA--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Epson Toyocom Corp. ("Epson Toyocom"), the leader in quartz devices, has announced the development of the NS-34R surface acoustic wave (SAW) resonator. The NS-34R combines SAW resonator design and microfabrication technology to achieve a high frequency stability of ±200 x 10-6 while maintaining compatibility with a 2.5 GHz resonance frequency using fundamental waves. Commercial development is scheduled for completion sometime in fiscal 2008.

The NS-34R resonator uses a 2-port structure. The oscillation circuit was designed to have a superior Q load value of 1000 and insertion loss of 6 dB. High power in excess of +10 dBm can also be applied. An oscillator built with the NS-34R is able to take advantage of the high frequency stability to provide low phase noise and low jitter in addition to low power consumption and high-speed startup of a superior oscillation signal. This contributes to dramatic performance gains in applications such as wireless communication and measuring instruments, which require high accuracy clocks and high frequencies in the microwave range and higher.

Epson Toyocom's newly developed SAW resonator boasts frequency-temperature characteristics three times better than a conventional resonator, and it supports a resonance frequency up to 2.5 GHz and a frequency stability of ±200 x 10-6, including initial frequency tolerance, frequency-temperature characteristics and aging.

Main specifications

Nominal frequency range800 MHz to 2500 MHz
Frequency stability±200 x 10-6
Turnover temperature+37.5°C ± 20°C
Parabolic coefficient(-0.016 ± 0.004) x 10-6/°C2
Operating temperature range0°C to 75°C (Products with wider temperature range under development)
External dimensions (mm)3.8 x 3.8 x 0.98

About Epson
Epson Electronics America, Inc. is part of the Seiko Epson Group, as is Epson Toyocom Corp. in Japan, a global leader in quartz devices. They market and sell a wide array of crystals, oscillators, real time clock modules, SAW products, optical devices and gyro sensors. With an innovative and creative culture, Epson is dedicated to exceeding the vision and expectations of customers worldwide with products known for their superior quality, functionality, compactness and energy efficiency.

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