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Datacon Joins EMC3D Consortium

April 10, 2008

The manufacturer of die-bonding and -sorting equipment will contribute to the development of cost-effective 3D Thru-Silicon-Via interconnects for chip stacking and advanced MEMS/sensors packaging.

RADFIELD, AUSTRIA /Marketwire/ -- The international semiconductor equipment and materials consortium EMC3D announced that Datacon Technology has joined the organization. EMC3D is dedicated to providing cost-effective, integrated Thru-Silicon-Via (TSV) technology for chip-stacking applications.

EMC3D is addressing the technical, integration and economic issues of creating 3D interconnects using TSV technology for chip stacking and advanced MEMS/sensors packaging. Through collaboration with research partners, the consortium will develop unit processes for creating micro-vias between 5 and 30 µm on 50 µm thinned 200 mm and 300 mm wafers, using via-first and die-to-wafer techniques. The primary goals of the consortium are to create a robust, integrated process flow at a cost of less than $200 per wafer.

Datacon provides die bonding and sorting equipment used in advanced assembly by the semiconductor and telecommunications industries. One of the key integration issues in 3D interconnect is the efficiency and accuracy of the die-to-wafer attach for both TSV and MEMS/sensor applications.

"One of the challenging integration issues of TSV is the die-to-wafer bonding and the cost associated with this step," said Markus Wimplinger, EMC3D board member and Director of Business Unit Technology development at EV Group. "Datacon will bring a significant expertise needed to achieve the aggressive goals of the EMC3D consortium."

About Datacon
Datacon Technology GmbH is a leading global manufacturer of die-bonding and -sorting equipment for the semiconductor, telecommunications, and automotive industries. Datacon was founded in 1986, and since the beginning of 2005 has been part of the Dutch Besi group (BE Semiconductor Industries N.V.), an international group of companies operating in the semiconductor industry. Datacon's primary expertise is the development and production of high-precision assembly equipment for the advanced packaging market.

About EMC-3D (or EMC3D)
EMC3D (Semiconductor 3D Equipment and Materials Consortium) was created in October 2006 to develop a new 3D market and technology by demonstrating a cost-effective, manufacturable, stackable TSV interconnection process for IC and MEMS/sensor packaging.

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