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Atalum Introduces New ZigBee Commissioning Tool

March 28, 2008

GREENtool 2.5 Gives installers and integrators single tool to grow, upgrade and merge ZigBee Networks.

MADRID, Spain /PRNewswire/ -- Atalum Wireless S.A., a leader in developing software to deploy and manage ZigBee networks, launched GREENtool 2.5, the latest release of its ZigBee commissioning tool with enhanced functionality to grow, upgrade and merge ZigBee networks. With a single tool installers and integrators can now serve a broad range of customer requirements from commissioning, growing or even troubleshooting a network.

GREENtool 2.5 offers single-click OTAP (over the air programming) to upgrade network firmware or add new applications to an existing ZigBee infrastructure. New zone and group functionality provides an easy way to create relationships as well as view differences based on device type or location.

GREENtool 2.5 also provides users with the control to define a network's start-up attributes (channel, security, etc.) along with the flexibility to merge two separate networks. Still included are views to see routing, connection quality, mesh connections or specific troubleshooting issues to localize problem devices or areas (requiring routers).

Building technicians, installers and integrators benefit from a complete commissioning and troubleshooting feature set that displays network and device information in graphic and text format and saves in exportable .xml format.

"Our OEM customers require multi-function tools for their installer and integrator base that can scale with the size and stage of ZigBee deployments," said Sandra L. Wear, CEO & President, Atalum. "GREENtool eliminates the need to build a collection of tools and related expertise. A single tool provides installers and integrators with the means to fulfill any ZigBee related task."

GREENtool licenses as well as 30-day trial versions are available on-line. GREENtool retails for $499 US. Additional information can be found on the Atalum Web site or by emailing greentool.info@atalum.com.

About Atalum Wireless S.A.
Atalum is a leader in developing software to deploy and manage ZigBee networks with its GREENsuite product family. Atalum develops the tools to easily commission, run and maintain ZigBee networks so that companies can cost-effectively monitor and control their wireless sensor network infrastructure. Atalum also accelerates the time-to-market of ZigBee products for ICs and their OEM clients by assisting in the design and development of the required applications. Atalum is a venture-backed company based in Madrid, Spain.

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