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Ansoft Releases New Permanent Magnetic Material Library

October 25, 2007

The collection includes the property descriptions of more than 31 permanent magnet materials from Shin-Etsu Magnetics, which can be used with Maxwell electromagnetic-field simulation software.

PITTSBURGH /BUSINESS WIRE/ -- Ansoft Corp. announced the availability of a new library of permanent magnet materials from Shin-Etsu Magnetics Inc. for its Maxwell electromagnetic-field simulation software. The library contains more than 31 high-performance permanent magnets, defined at different operating temperatures, using rare earth elements, which can be downloaded by Ansoft customers and are ready for use within Maxwell.

Brad Lucas, National Sales Manager for Shin-Etsu's Magnetic Materials Research Center, said, "We are pleased our industry-leading materials are now included in Ansoft's Maxwell. We believe this will be very beneficial to those wishing to design magnetic circuits utilizing the most advanced materials currently available."

Permanent magnet materials are used in many applications, including motors, sensors and actuators. Maxwell users now have access to the latest materials from Shin-Etsu to use directly in their simulations of new or existing designs.

"The ability to have access to accurate material properties is very important for our customers," said Scott Stanton, Technical Director at Ansoft. "Often users must contact the material vendor directly to obtain the measurements, and commonly they do not have accurate or complete measurement data available. Shin-Etsu, working with Ansoft, makes it very convenient for our global customer base to evaluate the performance of their materials in a design simulated in Maxwell."

Customers can download the library by logging in to Ansoft's Online Technical Support site.

About Shin-Etsu Magnetics Inc.
Founded in Tokyo, Japan, in 1926, Shin-Etsu is Japan's foremost supplier of chemical products, such as silicon products, polyvinyl-chloride resins, rare earth materials, semiconductor silicon, synthetic quartz, and gadolinium gallium garnet crystals. Shin-Etsu is the only company in the world engaged in all aspects of rare earth magnet production, from separating and refining rare earth compounds to producing rare earth magnet lines, with precise customer specifications. Shin-Etsu started its U.S. Magnet Division in Torrance, CA, in 1986. In 1992, Shin-Etsu moved the Magnet Division to San Jose. Shin-Etsu Magnetics incorporated in October 1993. The company has continued to grow steadily and now has sales offices in Eden Prairie, MN, and Glen Ellyn, IL.

About Ansoft
Ansoft Corp. is a leading developer of high-performance electronic design automation (EDA) software. Engineers use Ansoft software to achieve first-pass system success when designing mobile communications and Internet-access devices, broadband networking components and systems, integrated circuits, printed circuit boards, and electromechanical systems. Ansoft markets its products worldwide through its own direct sales force and has comprehensive customer-support and training offices throughout North America, Asia, and Europe.

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