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AirTight Launches 802.11n Coverage Estimator

August 1, 2008

The free WLAN tool estimates coverage and security requirements, offers drag-and-drop AP and sensor placement, and generates bill of materials.

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA /Marketwire/ -- AirTight Networks, a leading provider of wireless intrusion-prevention systems (WIPS) and wireless vulnerability management, announced the release of an 802.11n WLAN Coverage Estimator on its Web site. The free interactive utility helps organizations trying to get a better understanding of how 802.11n impacts their environment and the cost of 802.11n rollouts. Last week, the company announced the "industry's first fully supported 802.11n WIPS solution." including the first MIMO security sensor.

Using the Coverage Estimator, organizations can:

  • Estimate 802.11n WLAN coverage and security requirements
  • Define their environment, including floor plan, power, and throughput controls
  • Drag-and-drop AP and sensor placement
  • Generate bill of materials and projected cost estimates

"The 802.11n WLAN Coverage Estimator is not intended to replace a full-fledged WLAN RF planner, such as AirTight's SpectraGuard Planner," said Sri Sundaralingam, Vice President of Product Management at AirTight. "But it does provide a wide array of interactive features that are useful for quick, high-level planning of WLAN infrastructure and security and for estimating the total cost of your Wi-Fi rollout."

While 802.11n offers many benefits to the enterprise, with faster data rates, improved throughput, and improved coverage range, wide adoption of 802.11n technology amplifies existing wireless security threats, ranging from rogue access points to denial-of-service attacks. Careful planning and implementation, therefore, become more critical.

The Coverage Estimator allows users to:

  • Define the dimensions of the grid area in meters or feet
  • Drag and drop legacy (e.g., a, bg, abg) and 802.11n (an, bgn, abgn) access points onto the layout
  • Estimate the radio coverage of access points and sensors in their premises by choosing one of the predefined RF environments
  • Choose the appropriate transmit power for their access points
  • Drag and drop WIPS sensors on the layout and plan their wireless intrusion detection and prevention coverage
  • Estimate the total cost for their Wi-Fi rollout project, including WLAN infrastructure and WIPS planning

About AirTight
AirTight Networks, an industry standard for wireless vulnerability management, is the "only company that offers customers a flexible end-to-end solution that gives them visibility into their wireless security posture and a choice in how to manage it." AirTight provides full WIPS, and the world's first on-demand wireless vulnerability-management service. AirTight's patented technology delivers the key elements of an effective WIPS to eliminate false alarms, block wireless threats immediately and automatically, and locate wireless devices and events with pinpoint precision. AirTight's customers include global retail, financial services, corporate, education, and government organizations. AirTight Networks is a privately held company based in Mountain View, CA.

AirTight Networks and the AirTight Networks logo are trademarks; AirTight and SpectraGuard are registered trademarks of AirTight Networks Inc. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

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