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White Paper Library Title: Address the Need for Ultra-Small Ambient Light Sensors in Wearable Products

Summary: As the wearables market continues to evolve, offering reduced size, accurate, and high sensitivity ALS solutions enable designers of wearable devices such as smart watches and fitness bands, to easily integrate ambient light sensors into the thinnest backlight displays. Finding ways to improve accuracy, sensitivity, performance along with the expertise to mount behind inked glass while automatically controlling the backlight intensity are crucial for success.

Download Author: Dave Moon, ams

White Paper Library Title: Patented Silver Window High Temperature Sensor Technology

Summary: Obtaining solid, extremely high temperature vibration measurements presents challenges to mechanical designers of many different types of products.

Download Author: Dytran Instruments

White Paper Library Title: Focus on Biosensors

Summary: A biosensor is a device capable of detecting a certain substance or analyte with high specificity. Examples of such analytes are glucose, lactate, glutamine, and gluatmate. Most biosensors measure the concentration of an analyte in an aqueous solutions, usually producing an electrical signal, which is proportional to the analyte's concentration in its measuring range.

Download Author: Innovative Sensor Technology

White Paper Library Title: Comparing Off-the-Shelf to Custom Designs for Industrial Embedded Systems

Summary: When creating a new product or adding an incremental improvement to an existing one, engineers need a prototype to test the concept design’s stability, verify key performance metrics, and vet out any bugs. This paper will address the immediate question that arises: Is it better to buy commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) components or design a completely custom printed circuit board to prototype and build your industrial embedded system?

Download Author: Viewpoint Systems

White Paper Library Title: Managing Machinery Assets Using Predictive Maintenance | A Manager's Overview

Summary: This paper is intended as an overview for managers and supervisors that would like to know more about the benefits, costs, and commitments required for starting a predictive maintenance program; how to determine if such a program will benefit their company; and if so, how to get started.

Download Author: IMI Sensors, A PCB Piezotronics Division

White Paper Library Title: Benefits of Piezo-Resistive Force Sensors for Medical Device Application

Summary: TE Connectivity (TE) is one of the world’s largest sensor companies. For decades, TE sensors have been proven in medical devices of various types, ranging from the most demanding applications, requiring FDA-approval, to extremely cost-sensitive disposables with integrated sensors.

Download Author: TE Connectivity

White Paper Library Title: Increase the Accuracy of your Measurements - Calibrate Your Microphones by Acoustic Methods

Summary: Tracking microphone sensitivity over time is the best indication of stability. After initial lab calibration, field calibration needs to be performed to determine the effect of environmental conditions.  Because many microphones cannot be field calibrated using an electrostatic actuator, other techniques must be used. Learn how to use several methods to acoustically calibrate condenser, surface, probe and array microphones. Methods include free-field calibration and pressure calibration.
Download Author: PCB Piezotronics

White Paper Library Title: Using Magnetic Sensors ICs in a Strongly Magnetic Environment: How to Guarantee Safe Operation

Summary: Magnetic position sensors are one of the electronics industry’s technological success stories.
Download Author: Markus Zieserl, ams

White Paper Library Title: How to Choose the Right Potentiometer for Reliable Sensing

Summary: Overview of available technologies and clarification of parameters
Download Author: Jens Kautzor, CEO, Hoffmann + Krippner, Inc.

White Paper Library Title: Unmanned Aerial Vehicles and Color Sensors - New Detection Horizons

Summary: High spectral/spatial resolution aerial hyperspectral imaging is made easy now
Download Author: BaySpec, Inc.

White Paper Library Title: Design and Selection Criteria of High Temperature Accelerometers for Aerospace Propulsion

Summary: Accelerometers and pressure sensors for measurement in aerospace propulsion systems require special  consideration during design and manufacturing processes.
Download Author: PCB Piezotronics

White Paper Library Title: Optical Time-of-Flight Sensing Technology

Summary: This white paper will give a high level overview of the Leddar optical time of flight sensing technology and its advantages compared with competing  technologies. It will then describe architectural  choices for sensors incorporating Leddar technology as well as the benefits that such sensors provide.
Download Author: LeddarTech

White Paper Library Title: Designing Geriatric Med Devices with Force Sensing Technology

Summary: With the geriatric population on the rise, design engineers are challenged with designing responsive, noninvasive, user-friendly medical devices that cater to the needs of an older generation. Patients are looking for cost-effective, easy to use assistive tools that help them regain independence and confidence in their everyday life. Force feedback is a key feature for many of these devices that provide the user and doctor with great insight that ultimately results in better quality of life for the patient. Medical devices with force feedback allow design engineers to create innovative products that differentiate them from the competition.
Download Author: Tekscan

White Paper Library Title: Gesture Sensors Revolutionize User Interface Control

Summary: Designers face a variety of challenges when selecting the most appropriate type of buttons or controls for basic user interfaces. Today’s active gesture sensor components have application benefits that outweigh the burdens of implementation and adoption, benefiting both manufacturers and users alike. For product designers, today’s gesture sensors simplify system design and increase user control options. For users, these sensors provide a variety of benefits to a number of applications. The goal is to painlessly add new functions or open new possibilities in user interfaces in ways that users find intuitive and simple to adopt, and these active gesture sensors strike the right balance.
Download Author: ams

White Paper Library Title: What's Wrong With My Piezoelectric Accelerometer?

Summary: A frequently asked question about measurements made with piezoelectric (PE) vibration sensors is related to the measurement parameters. After completing a test and evaluating data, test engineers may observe obvious signs of problems within the data that was collected. Many factors can affect the data from a PE accelerometer including measurement range, the measurand input amplitude, the measurand input frequency content, and the data acquisition sample rate.
Download Author: PCB Piezotronics

White Paper Library Title: Managing Machinery Assets Using Predictive Maintenance | A Manager's Overview

Summary: Overview of the benefits, cost, and commitments required to successfully launch a PdM program.
Download Author: IMI Sensors, A PCB Piezotronics Division

White Paper Library

Title: Improving Medical Devices with Force Sensors
Summary: Design engineers integrate force sensors into medical devices to create smart tools that produce quantifiable and actionable data. These intelligent devices help to eliminate guesswork, create consistency, and improve patient outcomes. Force feedback is an increasingly valuable feature in the medical device market and a large array of products and applications use force feedback.


Author: Tekscan

White Paper Library

Title: Overview of a Novel LED-Based Sensor Technology

Summary: With billions of sensors already being deployed in all types of devices and applications, the sensor revolution is well underway. Through the Internet of Things (IoT) and the Internet of Everything (IoE), smart sensors have the potential to significantly help our societies resolve countless global challenges. In order to do so in a timely manner, major advancements are required in the development of ultra-efficient sensors, especially in characteristics such as size, cost, power consumption, data bandwidth, and reliability. And this is precisely what Leddar® technology has achieved.


Author: LeddarTech

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Title: Switch Your Switch: Introducing Nanopower Technology with AMR Sensor ICs
Summary: Advances in technology have allowed for magnetic sensors to be smaller, lower power and more sensitive than ever before. Due to these advances, magnetoresistive (MR) sensors, which have always offered significant benefits over Hall-effect and reed switches, should be looked at when designing new systems in need of a position switch.


Author: Josh Edberg, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Honeywell Sensing and Control

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Title: Incremental Encoders Help Optimize the Fuel Efficiency of Aero-Engines
Summary: How fuel efficient is a commercial airliner? A Boeing 747 burns approximately 5 gallons of fuel per mile or a total of 30,000 gallons (98 tonnes) on a flight between London and Hong Kong - a significant cost for an airline. The honeycomb seal-ring is an extensively used component, which has been proven to optimise the fuel efficiency of aero-engines, but the measurement of these seals present difficult engineering challenges. Now, HAESL (Hong Kong Aero Engine Services Limited) believes that it has successfully solved this challenge by incorporating Renishaw’s TONiC™ incremental linear and rotary (angle) encoders within its new optical Seal Ring Measurement System (SRMS).


Author: Renishaw, Inc.

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Title: FlexiForce™ Force Sensors for Design
Summary: Selecting a low-power force sensor for seamless integration and sleeker designs


Author: Tekscan (Machine Design Custom Media)

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Title: Programmable-Gain Transimpedance Amplifiers Maximize Dynamic Range in Spectroscopy Systems
Summary: Precision instrumentation systems that measure physical properties using a photodiode or other current-output sensor often include a transimpedance amplifier (TIA) and a programmablegain stage to maximize dynamic range. This article uses a real-world example to show the benefits and challenges of implementing a single-stage programmable-gain TIA to minimize noise while maintaining high bandwidth and high accuracy.


Author: Luis Orozco, Analog Devices, Inc.

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Title: ams Technical Article: How Improved Magnetic Sensing Technology Can Increase Torque in BLDC Motors
Summary: Across a range of automotive and industrial applications, brushless DC motors offer many advantages over other types of DC motor, and are now very widely used. In a standard motor control circuit, speed regulation, acceleration and position control are normal, well understood functions. But in BLDC systems it's also possible, through use of an intelligent magnetic Hall encoder, to implement precise control of torque at start-up and in high-speed operation. This article describes an important development in the implementation of magnetic sensing which brings even more refined control of torque at high speeds.


Author: Roland Einspieler, ams

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Title: Industrial Vibration Sensor Selection Made Easy
Summary: Nine Questions to Succesfully Identify the Solution to Your Application


Author: IMI Sensors, A PCB Piezotronics Division

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Title: Detecting Rolling Element Bearing Faults Using the Echo® Wireless Vibration Monitoring System
Summary: A review of Wireless Vibration Monitoring System that offers an affordable and acceptable method of increasing the number of “looks” at a machine by a factor of about 100 over most route-based methods.


Author: IMI Sensors, A PCB Piezotronics Division

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Title: Designing Ring Projections for Hermetic Sealing
Summary: Tips for success and solutions for overcoming challenges   


Author: Mark Sunico, Product Engineer, Miyachi Unitek

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Title: Comparison of Interface Pressure Measurement Options
Summary: Review of Load Cells, Pressure Indicating Film & Tactile Pressure Sensors for Improvement of Research & Quality Control


Author: Tekscan


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