Research and Markets Analyzes Wireless for Smart Grid

June 29, 2010

The report examines the role of wireless information and communications technologies in building automation and control, relating to Smart Grid development.

DUBLIN, Ireland --(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Research and Markets has announced the addition of the "Smart Grid: Role of Wireless ICT in Building Automation and Control" report to their offering.

This report specifies on the electrical Smart Grid. In particular, it is concentrating on Wireless Information and Communications Technologies (WICT) developing, standardization and markets in building automation and control (BA&C) and the role they play in the Smart Grid development - one of the most important projects in the global economy; with the U.S. government pumping billions dollars in Smart Grid implementation. BA&C is one of the significant elements of the Smart Grid infrastructure, with millions of apartment buildings and around 750,000 office building being eventually connected with this electrical Smart. It is estimated that efficient BA&C can save around $3-$10 billion (smart energy consumption) on the annual basis in the U.S. alone.

The report analyzes markets and technologies for the following WICT:

  • KNX-RF
  • ZigBee
  • Z-Wave
  • Bluetooth
  • EnOcean.

The report addresses technologies details and their roles in the efforts to build green economy; it is also provides marketing characteristics and survey of the selected vendors.

The report also stresses the importance of integration WICT with wired technologies, such as BACnet; some of the BA&C wired protocols are also analyzed in connection with this.

This report is useful to a wide audience of engineers, managers and sales staff involved in the design, implementation and maintenance of wireless communications equipment for BA&C and Smart Grid.

Target Audience
This report is important to a wide population of researches, technical and sales staff involved in the developing of the WICT for BA&C; and particular, in connection with the Smart Grid project. It is recommended for both users and vendors that are working with related technologies. The report also helps to understand issues associated with relationship between BA&C communications and other networks.

Key Topics Covered:
1.0 Introduction
2.0 Smart Grid and Building Automation
3.0 History - KNX
4.0 ZigBee
5.0 Z-Wave
6.0 IEEE 802.15.1 (Bluetooth-BT)
7.0 EnOcean
8.0 Conclusions

Companies Mentioned:

  • Airbee (Software)
  • Amber (RF Systems; BA Application)
  • Arch Rock (WSN)
  • Atmel (Chipsets, BA&C)
  • Aurel (Modules BA&C)
  • CEL (Modules; BA&C)
  • Cirronet-RFM (Modules-Industrial Applications)
  • Crossbow (WSN, Environment Monitoring BA&C, motes)
  • Digi (Radio, Energy Application)
  • Duolog (SOC Transceivers)
  • Dust Networks (WSN, BA)
  • Ember (Chipsets; BA&C)
  • GreenPeak (WSN)
  • Helicomm (Modules)
  • Jennic (Chipsets-Modules-Health Care)
  • Freescale (Chipsets)
  • Nuri Telecom (AMR Application)
  • Oki (Chipsets)
  • Renesas (Platforms, AMR, BA&C)
  • Silicon Laboratories (Chipsets, Modules)
  • Synapse (Module, Protocols)
  • Telegesis (Integrator, Modules)
  • TI (Chipsets; BA&C)
  • Aeon Labs
  • BuLogics
  • Mi Casa Verde
  • Sigma Designs
  • There

For more information visit the Research and Markets Web site.

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