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Ramtron, ROHM Sign F-RAM Product Manufacturing Agreement     July 24, 2012

Ramtron places initial F-RAM product orders on ROHM’s production-ready F-RAM line.More>>

Octal Ultrasound Receiver Reduces Processor Overhead     July 24, 2012

Analog Devices’ AD9670 octal ultrasound receiver with digital I/Q demodulator and decimation filter captures and conditions ultrasound RF signals to ease FPGA processing burden in cart-based and portable ultrasound equipment.More>>

CMU Lab to Test New ID Technology Using the Human Foot     July 19, 2012

Carnegie Mellon University's Biometrics Center has been selected to house the new Pedo-Biometrics Research and Identity Automation Lab.More>>

InterCore Energy Plans To Acquire Legacy Group     July 19, 2012

Enters into letter of intent for scheduled closing in September.More>>

ICEdot Announces Partnership with SenseTech LLC     July 19, 2012

The companies are collaborating to launch a helmet impact sensor that detects head impacts and alerts emergency contacts in case of an accident.More>>

Ramtron and Module Technology Form Partnership     July 18, 2012

Ramtron MaxArias wireless memory now supported by new source of standard RFID readers.More>>

Philips and Daintree Take Lighting to the Next Level     July 18, 2012

Open, standards-based wireless lighting controls offers customers flexibility and a full choice of products for networked lighting systems, while helping to drive adoption of lighting controls.More>>

Argonne and Evigia Finalize Licensing Agreement     July 17, 2012

The arrangement covers next-gen RFID sensor technology that combines regulatory authority–certified packages with patented e-seals, secure wireless interrogators, and the ARG-US software suite to monitor and track nuclear material.More>>

ST Unveils MEMS Motion-Recognition Module     July 17, 2012

The new ultra-compact, multi-sensor, programmable iNEMO promises to enhance motion-sensing realism of today's portable consumer devices and shortcut the path to wearable sensor applications in sports, fitness, and healthcare diagnostics.More>>

Bluetooth and ZigBee on Collision Course     July 17, 2012

ABI Research predicts that the two wireless technologies will compete in a number of new and emerging markets that require low-power wireless connections and interoperability with other devices, such as connected home devices and wireless sensors.More>>


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