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OrthoSensor Secures Series B Financing     May 8, 2012

The company has closed on an additional $15 million in financing, bringing the total to $36 million, which will be used to expand commercialization of its OrthoSensor Knee Balancer and to support the launch of additional intelligent orthopedic devices.More>>

IPS Raises $10M in Series D Financing     May 3, 2012

The company will expand its manufacturing capacity to meet demand for its solid-state thin-film batteries.More>>

Micropelt Raises 6’5 Mio EURO     May 3, 2012

The company will use the funds for market launch and expansion of its thim-film thermoelectric energy harvesting technology.More>>

Sutron Corporation Agrees to Acquire IPS Meteostar     May 2, 2012

Acquisition expands Sutron's existing portfolio of monitoring products and services.More>>

Olympus Launches New Opto-Digital Solution     May 2, 2012

DSX Series micro-imaging and metrology system now available in the U.S.More>>

IDEX Acquires ERC     May 1, 2012

Acquisition adds gas liquid separations and detection systems to IDEX's life science and analytical instrumentation portfolio.More>>

austriamicrosystems introduces Lightning Sensor IC     May 1, 2012

The revolutionary AS3935 Franklin Lightning Sensor is capable of detecting lightning up to 40 km away.More>>

Virtual Extension and Hadassim Join Forces     May 1, 2012

Offer a full communication link with advanced wireless mesh networks and web-access spanning from customers' smart meters, illumination and remote sensors to customers' management center.More>>

NASA Tests GPS Monitoring System for U.S. Earthquakes     April 25, 2012

The READI Mitigation Network will use real-time GPS measurements to calculate the characteristics of large U.S. earthquakes to aid early warning and disaster relief efforts.More>>

JDRF Announces Research Collaboration with Dexcom     April 25, 2012

Novel "smart transmitter" will simplify artificial pancreas research by eliminating a separate continuous glucose monitoring component.More>>




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