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Standex Acquires Meder     July 12, 2012

The acquisition expands the company’s engineered product portfolio, worldwide sales, and engineering infrastructure.More>>

IPS Launches IPS-EVAL-EH-02     July 12, 2012

The Wireless Environmental Sensor Energy Harvesting Evaluation Kit enables design engineers to develop and evaluate self-sustaining "green" sensor solutions, displacing the use of conventional batteries and supercapacitors.More>>

Bemis and ThinFilm to Collaborate     July 11, 2012

The companies will use printed electronics to develop high-volume flexible sensing packaging to collect, record, and wirelessly communicate key physical properties and environmental data in packaged perishable products.More>>

FlipChip Acquires MMH     July 11, 2012

The acquisition will strengthen FCI's global product turnkey offerings for the coming generations of packaging in the smart phone, tablet, medical, and automotive markets, and it results in FCI securing controlling interest in Millennium Microtech (Shanghai).More>>

Silicon Labs Acquires Ember     July 10, 2012

The strategic acquisition expands Silicon Labs’ portfolio by adding the technology and software expertise required to enable low-power 2.4 GHz mesh sensor networks. More>>

Zephyr Unveils Physiology Monitoring System     July 10, 2012

The PSM Training ECHO can monitor, transmit, and log the physiological status of up to 50 athletes simultaneously, using a new communications system, which allows coverage of an area larger than two American football fields, with no dead zones.More>>

ITT Exelis Acquires Space Computer     July 5, 2012

This acquisition expands the company’s technical ability to help customers collect and expediently process critical data to support decision making.More>>

Nike Smart Shoes Communicate via Bluetooth     July 3, 2012

Built-in Bluetooth smart sensors track parameters of athletic activities and report back to Nike+ applications and Web sites to convert that data into training information.More>>

Murata to Acquire RF Monolithics     July 3, 2012

The acquisition will enable Murata Electronics North America to leverage RFM’s low-power technology, as well as its expertise in design and development of production-ready RF modules, SAW-based and RFIC short-range radios, and stand-alone radio systems.More>>

STMicroelectronics and HIT to Collaborate     July 3, 2012

The semiconductor company and one of China's most renowned national universities announced the opening of a joint laboratory to promote innovation in electronics, initially focusing on MEMS-based smart-sensor applications.More>>



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