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An Unbiased Roundup of Online Sensor Resources

August 23, 2016

When one gets focused on deadlines, regular media coverage, meetings, and all those things that consume huge blocks of work time, it’s easy to become detached from the practice of surfing the web for sites covering other areas related to your focus. In the dark ages of the twentieth century, a common practice was gloss through volumes of the Encyclopedia Britannica and find articles of interest. Alternatively, going to the library and thumbing through books on related topics of interest.

Managing fifteen minutes between news and meetings, I’ve managed to come up with a few interesting websites on sensors. I hope you find these either helpful or amusing, or, luckily, both.

The National Centre for Sensor Research (NCSR)

Located in Dublin, Ireland, the National Centre for Sensor Research (NCSR) promotes sensor technology to benefit society in general and Ireland’s economy. A large-scale organization, the NCSA is a multidisciplinary research facility focused on the science and applications of chemical sensors and biosensors. Its state-of-the-art facility is located on the campus of Dublin City University and consists of custom-designed laboratories, specialist support units and equipment, and both technical and administrative staff. Additionally, NCSR hosts over 250 researchers and several large-scale research initiatives.

The National Centre for Sensor Research

Research & Engineering Building

Dublin City University


Dublin 9, Ireland

Telephone: +353 1 700 8821

Fax: +353 1 700 8021


Sensor Technology for the 21st Century

The goal of this web page is to help sensor developers locate funding opportunities across federal agencies. The U.S. Government is a significant driver of sensor innovation: investing in low cost, portable, easy-to-use technologies to facilitate the collection of real time, reliable measurement data. Offerings include information on funding, awards programs, online sensor tutorials and video demos, and related resources. For more information, CLICK HERE



Resources for Sensors, Measurements, Instrumentation and Related Sciences

This site offers a plethora of links to sensor resources. Categories the site provides links to include:

  • Sensors and Instrumentation
  • Physics (including space physics)
  • Biomedical
  • Materials
  • Standards Organizations, Institutions and Information
  • Units and conversion factors
  • Research Centers
  • Universities
  • Innovation resources for new technology

Euclid Motion Sensor Reference

This site provides a reference summary of sensors available for measuring distance, rotation and velocity. These include:

  • Optical Incremental Encoders
  • Interrupters
  • Photo-reflective sensors
  • Proximity and Hall Effect switches
  • Laser Interferometers
  • Triangulation Sensors
  • Magnetostrictive Sensors
  • Ultrasonic Detectors
  • Cable Extension Transducers
  • LVDT Sensors
  • Tachometers

Euclid Research

2 North 1st Street, 6th Floor

San Jose, CA 95113-1201

Tel: (408) 283-9020

Fax: (408) 283-9029

Of course, the best unbiased web resource for sensors is HERE. Well, time is a bit short now, so these are just a few for today’s ramblings. Next chance I get to peruse the web, I’ll add to the list. ~MD

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