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Security Survey Uncovers Dangerous Flaws in Safety-Critical Device Design

March 7, 2017

Security has always been a major concern since the first day the Internet wormed its way into everyday life. Now, with almost everything and everyone connected to the Internet of Things (IoT), security is critical for maintaining one’s financial, data, and bodily safety. But, it appears that the designers of these IoT marvels are not even considering security as an afterthought.

In its 2017 Embedded Systems Safety & Security Survey, the Barr Group uncovers disconcerting information about the state of embedded-systems design. The survey reveals a significant percentage of embedded-systems designers of potentially injurious Internet-connected products are failing to consider the potential dangers inherent in their designs.

Approximately 28% of the 1,700+ respondents (50% from North America, 27% from Europe, 14% from Asia, and 9% from other geographies) indicated the products they are designing now are capable of causing injury or death to one or more people (i.e., in the event of a malfunction). Of such products, respondents anticipated that nearly half will always or sometimes be connected to the Internet.

It is widely known that any computer connected to the Internet, including critical medical devices, can be remotely attacked through hacking. Despite this reality, 26 percent of embedded systems engineers working on safety-critical products that would be deployed online said security was not even on their requirements list.

Survey findings also indicate that, of those designers working on safety-critical products that connect to the Internet, 19% follow no coding standards, 36% use no static analysis tools, and 42% conduct occasional code reviews or none at all.

The Barr Group will host a free webinar on Thursday, March 23, 2017 at 1 PM ET to discuss the findings from the 2017 Barr Group Embedded Systems Safety & Security Survey. To register for the event, go to

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