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October 16, 2009       

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October 20, 2009


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Sensors—Game-Changing Data Collection
In an April 30,, 2009 article entitled Opinion: 10 game-changing technologies, John Brandon at Computerworld listed sensors as leading the list of those technologies, saying "Sensor technology is a game-changer because it means any physical object—a bridge, the loading dock at a warehouse, the clothes you wear or even your own skin—can communicate with a network." continued

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Top News
A Sigh of Relief and Sadness 
So, hands up if you were really relieved when the Space Shuttle Atlantis landed safely in the early hours of Thursday morning. And how many of you are bummed that we've got to wait an unknown amount of time before the U.S. is back sending astronauts into space using its own launch vehicles rather than renting space from the Russians?
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New ZigBee Smart Energy Version 1.1 Now Available 
Newly ZigBee certified products join ZigBee Smart Energy lineup more than 100 products strong.
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B&B Electronics Launches Ultra-Compact Ethernet Switches 
Sub-one-inch-wide, 5- and 8-port industrial unmanaged Din Rail switches have 61000-6-2 Level 3 Industrial Certification, intended for noisy, dirty, and space-constrained industrial equipment.
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Samsung Selects Cypress OvationONS II 
Samsung chose Cypress' Optical Navigation System for its Intercept QWERTY cell phone because it is more accurate, flexible and reliable than mechanical systems.
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Sporian Ships In-Line Biosensor 
The system uses the company's pathogen detection technology and will be evaluated by the EPA and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers for water purification and testing.
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DataNab Expands Range of 1-Wire Sensor Solutions 
1-Wire sensors minimize costs for temperature and humidity sensing in control and monitoring applications.
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Honeywell Wins $3 Million Assignment 
Honeywell tapped by Bien Dong Petroleum to automate offshore gas platforms in Vietnam to help them meet nation’s surging energy demand.
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