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September 27, 2013     

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Sensors Insights By Tom Kevan

When Biometric Sensors Become Ubiquitous
The debut of the iPhone 5s, with its fingerprint-scan authentication, is a game changer. It's significant not because it introduces this type of security technology into the consumer sector, but because it represents a tipping point for widespread use of biometric sensors in consumer electronics. Five years from now, you will be able to look back and see the significance of this product upgrade. It may take a little longer, however, to determine whether this development merits celebration or concern. continued

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Top News


NIST Awards Additive Manufacturing Grant
A research team including B6 Sigma will receive $5 million to develop in-process sensing and quality-control tools for additive manufacturing processes. continued


INOVA Debuts Digital Seismic Sensor
The AccuSeis SL11 is a single-component broadband device designed to provide oil and gas exploration companies with higher-resolution images of the Earth's subsurface. continued

Cardinal Components Unveils Real Time Plus
The module integrates a full-featured real-time clock, a watch crystal, and a solid-state battery with re-charging circuit in a discrete SMD RoHS-compliant package. continued

HP Embeds Leap Motion Technology in Notebook
The HP ENVY17 Leap Motion Special Edition, which incorporates the revolutionary gesture-recognition technology and Airspace app platform, is scheduled to be available this fall, sporting a new micro sensor that opens broad potential for future form factors. continued

BRS Labs Releases AISight 4.1
The latest version of the self-learning behavioral recognition system includes improvements that enhance enterprise support for large-scale deployments across geographically dispersed locations. continued

Renesas Offers RX111 Promotion Board
The platform is designed to facilitate the evaluation of Renesas' RX111 microcontrollers in a wide variety of applications, and includes an integrated power measurement function. continued

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PlantCare Debuts Smart Irrigation System
The self-learning control system uses wireless sensors to determine the correct time for irrigation, as well as the amount of water needed by plants, promising to achieve the same or even higher crop yields while consuming less water. continued

Hanna Unveils Versatile Laboratory Meter
The edge measures pH, conductivity and dissolved oxygen; can be used as a bench-top, portable, or wall-mounted meter; and includes smart electrodes that store sensor type, ID, and calibration data. continued

Renesas Unveils New RL78/L1C MCUs
The microcontrollers promise to enhance environmental sensor modules and mobile healthcare equipment by enabling increased functionality, reducing power and system costs, and providing USB BC 1.2-compliant rapid-charging capabilities. continued

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Freescale and Oracle to Collaborate
The companies have agreed to a wide-ranging relationship, pursuing technology and standards initiatives to spur development of compelling new Internet of Things products and services. continued

ThingWorx and SIGFOX Partner
The collaboration combines SIGFOX's wireless communication technology with ThingWorx's rapid application-enablement platform to reduce costs and improve time to market for customers deploying wireless M2M and Internet of Things applications. continued

Rambus Expands Collaboration with Freescale
The agreement extends Freescale's access to Rambus' memory controller and serial link innovations and provides Freescale with the ability to collaborate on Rambus' resistive memory technology for embedded applications. continued


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