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September 20, 2013     

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Sensors Insights By Tom Kevan

Making Measurements on a Molecular Scale
Despite all the hype, commercialization of nanosensors is largely unfulfilled. Many of the potential beneficiaries have held back from adopting the technology and are waiting for proof that the nanodevices can be produced cost-effectively and function as promised under real-world conditions. According to Frost & Sullivan's report "Advances in Nanosensors", this wait-and-see environment is delaying commercialization and the emergence of sensor markets that leverage the technology's promise of "smaller, more sensitive, faster-responding, and less costly sensors." If you look hard enough, however, you can see signs that things are changing. continued

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Top News


Verizon Certifies Capstone's IntelliH2O Meter
The IntelliH2O meter is a sensor-rich communications platform that uses CDMA network connectivity to interact with the company's cloud-based system to manage volume, pressure, and temperature levels in water systems. continued


Splunk to Acquire BugSense
The addition of BugSense will enhance Splunk customers' ability to analyze machine data directly from mobile devices and correlate it with other machine-generated data to gain operational intelligence. continued



Portable GPS-enabled Device Market to Grow
ABI Research forecasts that sales of dedicated GPS devices will reach $7 billion by 2018, driven by strong long-term growth of applications using dedicated HUD/eyewear, cycling, and health-tracking devices. continued

Motion Sensor Market Continues to Grow
Frost & Sullivan research finds the ubiquity of electronic devices is driving market expansion, with the main focus of the providers on designing and developing new-generation products to meet changing end-user requirements. continued

Medical Microfluidic-Electrode Market Grows
A recent Lux Research report finds the healthcare industry's growing emphasis on prevention and early diagnosis to mitigate high treatment costs will drive increasing use of microfluidic-based sensors and sensing electrodes. continued


Microchip Debuts New Line of Microcontrollers
The PIC24FJ128GC010 is a family of system-on-a-chip MCUs that integrate a full analog signal chain and provide eXtreme low power for portable medical and industrial applications. continued

TI Unveils New Data Converter Category
The inductance-to-digital converter uses coils and springs as inductive sensors to deliver high resolution, increased reliability, and great flexibility, revolutionizing position and motion sensing. continued

OMRON Product Reads People's Intentions
The company announced the development of its Human Vision Component, an image sensing and analysis unit that can be embedded into a variety of devices to evaluate people's condition, based on facial expressions and movements. continued

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Savi Introduces Mobile Tracking System 2.4
The tag-agnostic system bridges gaps in cargo tracking, logistics, and enterprise systems to deliver real-time operational intelligence. continued

ZMDI Launches the ZOPT3100
The energy-efficient, digital RGB/ambient light and proximity sensor IC targets hand-held and mobile sensing applications, offering high resolution output, wide dynamic range, and an integrated LED driver. continued

Aeris Launches AerCloud
Delivered as a cloud service, the abstraction layer, functioning between connected devices and applications, provides data management and analytics for M2M applications. continued

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Colnatec Partners with Novaled
The two companies will work together to test the performance of the quartz crystal microbalance sensor system, Tempe, for device-layer self-regeneration in continuously run OLED production. continued


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