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October 25, 2013     

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Sensors Insights By Brian Gilmore

Building a Black Box for Your Business
As organizations become more data-aware and data-driven, the infrastructure-generated data that drives an enterprise becomes as important as any other business data. The challenge for the enterprise is to create a mechanism to effectively capture and analyze this data to deliver thoughtful insights. continued

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Top News


ERC Awards Grant to Koç University Professor
Professor Hakan has been awarded €2.5 million by the European Research Council to develop new display technologies for augmented reality and 3D applications. continued


IBM and Libelium Launch IoT Starter Kit
The new platform integrates Libelium's Waspmote wireless sensor platform, IBM's Mote Runner software, and 6LoWPAN, allowing all sensors and devices to connect to the Internet via the new IPv6 protocol. continued

TI Unveils New MSP430 Microcontrollers
The new configurable, ultra-low-power devices boost battery life in always-on mobile devices and sport advanced features like 1.8 V split-rail I/Os and eight serial interfaces to support sensor aggregation. continued

Toshiba IC Supports Multiple Bluetooth Modes
The TC35661SBG-501 incorporates the Serial Port Profile and Generic Attribute Profile, supporting Bluetooth 4.0. continued


CalAmp Debuts Mobile Asset Management Service
The new features in the telematics-based Motorized Asset Management service enable comprehensive monitoring of mobile, high-value assets via a single consolidated view. continued

NI Releases New Compact Vision System
The NI CVS-1457RT includes features like dual power-over-Ethernet, GigE Vision ports, deterministic Ethernet camera triggering, and FPGA-enabled I/O. continued

Adimec Debuts Q-12A65 Machine Vision Camera
Based on the CMV12000 image sensor, the latest addition to the QUARTZ CMOS camera series offers high resolution at high speeds for demanding inspection and metrology equipment. continued

Canatu Launches CNB Conductive Films
The Generation 5 transparent films promise to pave the way for high-contrast touch displays and revolutionary printed, flexible, 3D-shaped touch-enabled electronics products. continued

SGI Unveils New Big Data Systems
The company is offering a new platform optimized for Hadoop to perform big data analytics and will introduce systems that provide extreme storage capacity for big data, with the aim of significantly reducing storage costs. continued

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Vicente Capital Partners Invests in iBwave
The growth equity investment firm and Farol Asset Management have acquired a significant equity interest in the in-building wireless software and training services provider. continued

SunPartner and 3M to Collaborate
The two companies have agreed to work together to develop a wireless transparent micro component that will charge consumer mobile electronics while they are being used and exposed to light. continued

Intersoft Evrasia Secures Funding
The investments totaling $1 million will be used to develop a new Do-Ra device prototype, a domestic, wide-range cross-platform device, with dosimeter-radiometer functionality and a solid silicon sensor. continued


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