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October 18, 2013     

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Sensors Insights By Todd Hanson

New Ways to Use Wireless Sensors
What happens when you take networking cable out of the equation when developing a communications infrastructure for an industrial facility? Many of the obstacles hampering network expansion go away, and the potential for greater operational visibility increases. Just look at the rapid growth of wireless networks in factories and assembly plants worldwide. Leveraging a wave of advances in reliability, robustness, and flexibility, plant managers are increasingly turning to wireless networks to connect switches and sensors to a variety of controllers and machines. By eliminating the need to install, maintain, and troubleshoot cable, companies cut capital expenditures and accelerate their ROI. With these benefits in mind, users are seeking out and finding new and unique uses of the technology, propelling wireless into a broader range of applications and sectors. continued

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Top News


Dawson Orders Geospace GSX System
The $18.1 million contract provides for the delivery of 9,000 stations of the wireless seismic data acquisition system. continued


Echelon Debuts Edge-of-Grid Control Node
The multi-application, multi-protocol, IPv6-compatible DCN 3000 platform enables electric grid modernization and optimization programs, including smart metering and distribution automation. continued

Red Lion Unveils Watchdog Relay
The hardware-based system monitors and provides fail-safe shutdown of processes controlled by RTUs, PLCs, and other automation devices, proactively protecting unmanned processes on a 24/7 basis. continued

Diodes Introduces Micropower Hall Switches
The AH1902 and AH1903 raise the performance bar in a wide range of contactless switch applications in consumer, domestic, office, and industrial products. continued

Cadec Unveils TempTracker for PowerVue
The system monitors and documents the temperature of perishable goods in transit, alerting drivers and management in real time of exceptions to ensure safe delivery. continued

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Panasonic Develops New Millimeter-Wave Radar
The high-precision, wide-field-of-view millimeter-wave technologies promise to expand the performance of advanced automotive safety systems. continued

Freescale Debuts ARM-based QorIQ LS Series
The communications processors are engineered to support a broad range of power-sensitive networking applications, feature a high level of integration for sub-3 W applications, and incorporate a blend of features for fanless embedded applications. continued

QuickLogic Unveils Digital Sixth Sense Drive
The company's strategic initiative launches a sensor hub that promises to enable a fundamental shift in how ultra-low-power programmable logic is deployed in mobile devices to deliver always-on contextual awareness. continued

NexID Biometrics Counters Biometrics Spoofing
The company offers a variety of techniques and materials to test and mitigate the vulnerability of biometric-authentication security systems. continued

ams Introduces Battery Monitoring System
The new AS8506 lithium cell monitoring/balancing IC eliminates the need for complex software and reduces hardware requirements in battery cell management systems. continued

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IBM and Semtech Collaborate
The joint effort proposes to advance the Internet of Things by combining IBM software and Semtech hardware to create a wireless sensor system capable of transmitting data up to 9 miles, with significantly improved ease of use. continued

AT&T Joins M2M Trade Group
The telecommunications company will play a key role in the development of the London-based council's library of M2M information, covering in-depth case studies, businesses benefits, available products, and best practices. continued


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