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November 30, 2012     

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Sensors Insights By Melanie Martella

Thinking Big
As we've gotten more sophisticated in monitoring the physical world around us, we've acquired a better understanding of just how global some of those phenomena are. It's more of a real-world version of Douglas Adams' holistic detective Dirk Gently who explains his calling thus: "The term ‘holistic’ refers to my conviction that what we are concerned with here is the fundamental interconnectedness of all things. [...] I see the solution to each problem as being detectable in the pattern and web of the whole." continued

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Top News


Honeywell Continues Growth in UniSim Business
Ten projects worth $20 million to deploy Honeywell's simulation technology to improve operator skills, enhance plant performance. continued

STM and PNI Sensors Selected for Nintendo's Wii U
STMicroelectronics' and PNI's sensor technologies enable intuitive motion sensing for gaming applications. continued

Hummingbird in the Eye of the Hurrikan
Salvia Lifetec has chosen Hummingbird Sensing Technology's Paracube Micro oxygen sensor for use in its Hurrikan 200 CPAP device. continued

Samsung Selects Atmel's Sensor Hub for Galaxy Note II
The AVR UC3Lwith picoPower technology tailored for Sensor Hub management will enhance users' experience of motion-related applications including gaming, navigation and virtual reality with real-time sensor fusion processing. continued


Global Automotive Sensors Industry to ~ $18.8 B in 2017
The global market for automotive sensors will experience a CAGR Of 9.3% over the next five years. continued

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Akustica Introduces Four New HD Voice Microphones
New analog and digital microphones give manufacturers easy upgrade path to HD voice quality; delivers new level of flexibility for designers. continued

Libelium Offers Waspmote Encryption Libraries
Protects sensitive data gathered by sensor networks and ensures maximum security for smart cities sensor data. continued

UAV Navigation Demos Sea-Skimming Avionics Application
Company's LCAP high-performance, low-cost avionics is used in challenging sea-skimming UAV target test flight. continued

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FOUNDATION Fieldbus Specs Revised for HART
HART communication device information can now integrate into FOUNDATION fieldbus systems. continued

FutureSentry Aligns With Mi5 Security
Technology innovators combine solar-powered wireless cameras and automated detection systems. continued

ON Semiconductor Partners with Teledyne Imaging Sensors
ON Semiconductor's advanced CMOS process expertise enables groundbreaking IR sensor for astronomical research. continued

MIE Labs and JVD Form Working Relationship
Agreement expands breadth of design and manufacturing services for both companies. continued

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