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November 22, 2013     

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Sensors Insights by Tom Moser

Pervasive Sensing
The sensors market in the process industries is undergoing a fundamental shift, primarily driven by the reduction of the cost of installed sensing points. Taking cost out of the equation has cleared the way for process industries to greatly expand their use of sensors, extending their focus beyond traditional process control and safety systems and entering an age of "pervasive sensing." Working with more information than ever before, refineries, chemical plants, and other industrial facilities will be able to achieve greater visibility into all aspects of their operations, allowing them to operate more safely, reliably, and profitably. continued

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Top News


Mathew Dirjish Appointed Executive Editor of Sensors Magazine
Mathew Dirjish has been appointed as the new Executive Editor of Sensors magazine. Sensors is the authority and technical resource for sensing technologies, applications, and networks. It provides focused news in the markets where sensor and related technologies are applied as part of a company or... continued


Functional Printing Market Sees Global Growth
A new report published by MarketsandMarkets forecasts sales in this market will reach $13.79 billion by 2020, with demand pushing across a variety of geographies. continued

V2V Penetration in New Cars Expected to Grow
ABI Research looks at the emergence and expected adoption of the various flavors of vehicular communication systems and predicts the technology's presence will increase from 10.9% in 2018 to 69% in 2027. continued


Sensor Platforms' Low Power Solution for Always-On Mobile Devices Is Selected for Atmel's New Sensor Hub Platform
Sensor Platforms' FreeMotion Library has been selected by Atmel Corporation as part of the ecosystem to support its recently announced low power, high-performance flexible SAM D20 Cortex M0+ core. continued

Konica Minolta Sensing Americas Adds Instrument Systems CAS 140CT Array Spectrometer to its Product Portfolio
Konica Minolta Sensing Americas, Inc. acquires the Instrument Systems GmbH (IS) product line. Beginning third quarter 2013, the company gained exclusive distribution rights to Instrument Systems product portfolio in North America and Canada following the acquisition by Konica Minolta Optics, Inc. continued

Sand 9 Launches First Piezoelectric MEMS Timing Product for Communications Infrastructure, Industrial, Military Apps
Sand 9, Inc. offers the market's first micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS) device for precision timing in communications infrastructure, industrial and military applications. continued

Sensors Expo

Picosun's fast P-200 Batch ALD Tool Breaks Through Into LEDs and MEMS
Picosun Oy debuts the new PICOSUN P-200 batch ALD system that is optimized for fast and efficient manufacturing of MEMS, LEDs, and power electronics components. continued

ThingWorx Launches the First Marketplace for the Internet of Things
ThingWorx today offers immediate availability of the ThingWorx Marketplace, a global platform that enables developers, hardware and software providers, and systems integrators to build value-added IoT/M2M components and make them available to a broad range of companies. continued

Libelium Sensors Connect with Cloud Platforms
The Waspmote wireless sensor ecosystem can be integrated with Axeda, Esri, ThingWorx, and MQTT platforms to reduce time to market for Internet of Things systems. continued

MDT Unveils Z-Axis TMR Sensors
The sensors are an alternative to Hall effect sensors, promising superior performance and ultra-low-power operation. continued

Spansion Debuts Flexible Microcontrollers
The processors are designed for stringent industrial requirements, offering a range of high-performance and low-power systems for the Industrial Internet of Things. continued

TI Releases Energy Harvesting Circuits
The new power harvesters and step-down converters extract and manage the lowest amount of power available from light, thermal, and vibration sources. continued

Solicore Extends Printed Battery Technology
The company's manufacturing technology makes it possible to digitally print batteries, which will enable it to produce and deploy custom battery shapes and sizes to meet the varying needs of the marketplace. continued

Lattice and Helion Demo FPGA-Based Cameras
In the demonstration, experts will show how low-cost, low-density FPGAs can accelerate design, development, and deployment of new camera solutions for auto, medical, security, and industrial applications. continued

TI Showcases Industrial Automation Advances
The company will offer an in-depth look at analog and embedded processing technology for motor control, drives, and PLC applications at the SPS IPC Drives exhibition in Germany. continued

Toshiba Ships Ultra-Small CMOS Image Sensor
The size of the TCM5126GBA enables smaller camera modules for new car camera applications like rear viewing in parking-assist systems, surround-view systems, and side-view systems. continued

Redpine Debuts Multi-Protocol Wireless Device
The WiSeMote-EH Internet of Things module provides connectivity through Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Bluetooth Low Energy interfaces; incorporates photovoltaic energy harvesting; and supports location services. continued

Fluke Unveils Precision Temperature Scanner
Designed for data acquisition in the factory and temperature calibration in the lab, the 1586A promises best-in-class accuracy for critical measurements. continued

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