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November 15, 2013     

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The Rise of Sentrollers
The lines between everyday devices like televisions, computers, and phones are blurring. All of these devices consume or provide content (e.g., text, mail, audio, and video) and rely on Wi-Fi connectivity to access the Internet via a home router or gateway. There is, however, another class of devices in the home that consumers increasingly would like to see connected to the Internet—devices they would like to be able to monitor and manage from anywhere. These include thermostats, lights, door and window locks, heaters, air conditioners, and monitoring/security systems. All of these fall into one of three categories: sensors, actuators, or controllers, and they are usually small, infrequently activated, and without Internet connectivity. This is the family of "sentrollers," and the next generation of technology will see these devices connected to the Internet, driving the emergence of truly smart homes. continued

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Top News


NewAer Awarded Location-Based Services Patent
The company's technology allows mobile devices to receive triggered actions or make automated changes in other nearby devices based upon present wireless signals. continued

UL Certifies Advanced Photonix T-Gauge
The system is capable of measuring physical properties of products, such as multi-layer thickness, basis weight, moisture content, subsurface defects, and delamination. continued


Synaptics Closes Acquisition of Validity Sensors
On November 7, 2013, human-interface solutions provider Synaptics Inc. completed its acquisition of Validity Sensors, Inc. This will facilitate the company's expansion into the fingerprint identification market. continued

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LCM Systems Sees Sales of Wireless Link Load Cells Up 100%
A year since introducing intermediate capacities of its popular Radio Telemetry Wireless Link Load Cells (RILL), load cell manufacturer LCM Systems has seen sales of this particular product double. continued

US. Building Automation Market Primed for Growth
Building automation growth could help commercial structures cope with rising energy costs. continued

Location-Based Sensor Fusion on the Rise
ABI Research forecasts that 1 billion smartphones will have location-based sensor fusion by 2016, making the technology a standard feature of the mobile devices. continued

Ovum predicts global optical networks market will exceed US$17.5bn in 2018 as 100G surges
The optical networks (ON) market will exceed US$17.5bn by 2018, for a 3.1 percent CAGR from 2012, predicts global analyst firm Ovum. continued


TI Helps Make Customer System Design Easier
TI Designs enables customers to jump-start their designs with system- and subsystem-level solutions across analog, embedded processors and connectivity. continued

Gladiator Debuts G200 Dual Axis Gyro
The analog output X- and Y-axis gyro offers a small form factor and low power consumption in a durable package to perform in the most rugged environments. continued

ON Semiconductor Unveils LC898111AXB-MH
The optical image stabilization IC for smartphone camera modules promises precise suppression control of camera shaking and effective pan and tilt functions. continued

Elster Upgrades EnergyAxis
The latest version of the metering infrastructure system introduces architectural enhancements that significantly advance the flexibility, speed, and security of remote configuration and upgrade of devices and firmware. continued

Digi Launches Connect Tank
The cellular-enabled remote tank-level monitoring system manages single remote tanks, totes, and containers to reduce the need for manual inspections and leverages analytics to tighten control of supply chains. continued

Camgian Releases M2M Sensor Fusion Engine
The Quantus cloud-based system provides the ability to seamlessly integrate, store, and analyze large data sets from disparate sensor sources and securely deliver real-time visual analytics to mobile and desktop systems. continued

ADI Unveils New Low-Power Digital Isolators
The ADuM144x family of iCoupler digital isolators promise to reduce power by a factor of 1,000 compared with optocouplers to improve energy efficiency. continued

ams schedules multi-project wafer starts for analog foundry customers in 2014
Multi-project prototyping service offers large cost savings as manufacturing costs are shared between multiple users. continued

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Kickstarter Launch for 3D Circuit Board Printer the EX
The Cartesian Co. aims to raise $30,000 on Kickstarter with speedy electronics printer. continued

Kyocera Partners with Telenor Connexion
Wireless-module maker Kyocera and M2M connected-business-solutions provider Connexion announced a partnership agreement to supply M2M solutions internationally. continued

Solicore Closes Initial Round of Financing
The Preferred Series A1 financial investment positions Solicore for growth and strategic market expansion. continued

Forza and TowerJazz Continue Partnership
The joint effort combines Forza's CMOS image sensor design expertise with TowerJazz's specialty process technologies to fulfill customer time-to-market requirements. continued

Cymbet Corporation Teams with Opto-Sensor
Cymbet Corporation partners with Opto-Sensor LTD (Fuchance Enterprises LTD) to represent and distribute Cymbet's family of EnerChip Smart Solid State Batteries and power management solutions in China and Taiwan. continued


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