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November 1, 2013     

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Sensors Insights By Andy Souders

Modern Cargo Tracking
"The whole is greater than the sum of its parts." This expression has been used to describe business mergers and professional sports teams. It's also true of the role that sensors play in modern cargo tracking and asset management. Businesses can now drive operational improvements by leveraging advanced sensing and communications technologies, such as radio frequency identification (RFID), extracting and correlating data from multiple sensors, and analyzing that data against trends and established scenarios. continued

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Top News


Misfit Wearables Picks Silicon Labs Gecko MCU
The wearable product provider will use the EFM32 Leopard Gecko microcontroller in its Shine fitness tracker, leveraging the MCU's low-energy performance. continued

Aircraft Part Maker Purchases T-Gauge 5000
The company will use Advanced Photonix' system for off-line nondestructive quality control, inspecting components prior to assembly. continued

TOTAL Chooses GE's Proficy SmartSignal
The remote monitoring and analysis suite connects machines and data, using advanced predictive analytics and diagnostics to predict equipment anomalies, allowing plants to diagnose and prioritize impending equipment problems. continued

BeSang and SK Hynix Sign Licensing Agreement
The agreement covers the use of BeSang's patented innovations to be implemented in a broad range of 3D IC products offered by SK Hynix. continued



Semtech Unveils Long-Range Wireless Platform
The SX127X transceiver promises superior range, battery operation, and interference immunity while eliminating the need for complex infrastructure, making it ideal for a variety of Internet-of-Things applications. continued

SmartMetric Offers Biometric Authentication
The EMV-based fingerprint reader sits inside ATM and credit cards, enhancing fraud protection for financial institutions and cardholders. continued

Presto Unveils Echo Test System
The proprietary capabilities of the system, implemented on the tester loadboard, enable functional testing of ultra-wide-band impulse radar devices on existing automated test equipment. continued

Hillcrest Launches Low-Power Sensor Hub
The SH-1 sensor hub enhances portable devices and Internet of Things applications by providing sensor fusion, gesture recognition, and always-on functions for context-aware applications. continued

Honeywell Launches HumidIcon Sensors
The devices integrate temperature and humidity sensing elements, cutting costs, time to market, and board space requirements. continued

GainSpan Debuts Wi-Fi Thermostat ADK
The application development kit includes thermostat hardware and reference source code for the embedded and mobile applications, enabling the development of systems that can be adjusted according to usage patterns and thermal conditions. continued

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Echelon and Marvell Collaborate
To spur development of interoperable wireless devices for the Industrial Internet of Things, Marvell will include elements of Echelon's IzoT platform in its Easy Connect Software SDK, and Echelon will add Marvell Wi-Fi control modules to its catalog. continued

ARM and Nordic Semiconductor Partner
The two companies have agreed to incorporate Bluetooth Low Energy with the ARM mbed device development platform to enable the next generation of Internet-connected products. continued


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