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May 31, 2013     

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Sensors Insights By Melanie Martella

The Versatility of Sensors
One of the characteristics of sensors of which I am most fond is their versatility; a color sensor designed for the consumer or industrial automation market ends up built into agricultural machinery to check how ripe the grain is at harvest. An aerospace sensor ends up being used when drilling for oil. The increase in the variety of sensors available has spawned an explosion in creative sensor applications. continued

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Top News


Kyma Licenses Advanced Electromagnetic Field Sensor Tech
The novel sensor technology, developed at UNLV, supports simultaneous, wide-bandwidth detection of electric and magnetic field variations at a single point in space. continued

Hillcrest Labs Secures RDK License from Comcast
Motion control leader, Hillcrest, licenses The Reference Design Kit from Comcast to help propel the next wave of consumer TV interactivity. continued


Substation Automation Market $122.94 Billion By 2018
MarketsandMarkets report analyzes the market for substation automation components; expects 5.2% CAGR from 2013-2018. continued

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TI Delivers Highly Integrated Piezo Haptic Driver
Digital driver makes touchscreen apps come alive with fast tactile feedback for realistic HD touchscreen experience. continued

ams Introduces New Power Management IC
Innovative ams architecture enables board designers to locate the new AS3721 PMIC and the applications processor, both intense hotspots, far away from each other; helps reduce thermal stress on processors in phones and tablets. continued

Melexis Further Expands LIN Transceiver Offering
The new MLX80030 LIN transceiver exhibits strong EMC/ESD behavior. continued

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Sandia, SRI International Sign Pact
The two organizations will work together to advance hydrogen and natural gas research for transportation. continued

TEGAM Announces New Partnership with AEROTECS
AEROTECS will distribute TEGAM's aerospace testing products in the EU. continued


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