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March 30, 2012     

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Sensors Insights By Melanie Martella

Wondering About Winter
This winter, at least here in the Northeast U.S., has been a very odd one. Unusually low amounts of snow and very mild temperatures have combined to make a not terribly wintery winter and while that's great news for commuters and those of us who have to dig out driveways and roofs anytime the white stuff falls, it's not necessarily doing our flora and fauna any favors. continued

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Sumitomo Electric to Acquire EMCORE's VCSEL Assets
Under the agreement, SEDU will acquire EMCORE's VCSEL and VCSEL-enabled fiber-optic transceiver technology and assets to expand the company's high-performance computing portfolio. continued

Geartronics Shifts Up a Gear with Penny+Giles Sensor
Geartronics is using Penny + Giles' SRH280DP Hall effect rotary sensors to improve gear shift times, reliability. continued


NFC in Handsets Grows at CAGR of 87.8%
Shipments of NFC-enabled handsets reached 30 million units in 2011 according to Berg Insight market research. continued

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Panasonic Unveils HD Network Security Cameras
The new i-PRO Series 1080p HD network cameras deliver improved performance and functionality; enhanced UniPhier LSI processor adds functionality with improved bandwidth. continued

EM Microelectronic Announces EPC Gen2 Chip
The EM4124 offers market's highest read sensitivity for EPC Gen2 chip. continued

Blackfin Processors Feature Accelerated Vision Analytics
Analog Devices' ADSP-BF60x series processors with 1 GHz core performance, low power consumption, and a new dedicated vision accelerator enable broad adoption of multi-function analytics into embedded vision applications. continued

Software Aids in Sensor, IR Camera Integration
LumaSpec R/T allows plants to use off-the-shelf software to improve process efficiency, safety with real-time monitoring applications. continued

Akustica Leaps into High-Volume Mobile Device Market
The AKU340, the first multi-chip MEMS microphone from Akustica, delivers high performance for smartphones. continued

Sensor Platforms Introduces FreeMotion Library, SDK
Library algorithms use data from sensors in mobile devices to interpret users' contexts and intents. continued

Hillcrest Labs Introduces Freespace MotionEngine
Advanced motion control technology provides foundation for context awareness, augmented reality, pedestrian navigation, health and fitness, gaming, and gesture control. continued

Sentry360 Unveils Small 14 Megapixel Surveillance Camera
Delivering advanced 360-degree situational awareness to commercial and government markets. continued

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GainSpan and Exosite Partner
Leaders in low power Wi-Fi and cloud connectivity make it easy to wirelessly connect to the cloud; new solution to be demonstrated at DESIGN West 2012. continued

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