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June 28, 2013     

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Sensors Insights By Tom Kevan

Shaking Up the MEMS Sensor Market
This month, Grace Semiconductor Manufacturing, one of China's leading foundries, placed an order for an SPTS Omega c2L Rapier etch system, advanced technology used to manufacture MEMS sensors. This purchase reflects a trend in which China's sensor providers are investing heavily in R&D and manufacturing infrastructure to cultivate the ability to develop and manufacture high-end MEMS sensors and associated electronic components. continued

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Kionix Gyro Wins Best of Sensors Award
The KMX61G micro-amp magnetic gyro, with integrated sensor fusion software, was awarded the 2013 Best of Sensors Innovation Award at Sensors Expo & Conference. continued


GeoMetWatch Enters into Agreement with NAS
The company will provide four years of Earth observation and weather data from its Sounding and Tracking Observatory onboard the Regional Meteorology mission AsiaSat 9 satellite. continued

The acquisition strengthens the company's MEMS vapor release etch IP and product portfolio. continued

Intrinsyc Announces M2M Module Orders
Two customers have placed orders for the DTW 200—an ultra-small, low-power asset tracking unit built by AnyDATA—that will exceed $1 million in revenue over the next 15 months. continued


Flexible-Printed Electronics Applications Grow
The Research and Markets report "Flexible Applications Based on Printed Electronics Technologies 2013" predicts the two technologies will drive an expansion of applications, resulting in market growth that could reach $1 billion by 2020. continued

Edison Initiates Coverage of ThinFilm
Thin Film Electronics is a Norway-based company developing technology that enables printing of high-volume, low-cost disposable electronics, which will help make the Internet of Things a reality. continued

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TI Introduces Precision Analog Design Library
The Reference, Verified, and CerTIfied Design Libraries help engineers quickly evaluate and customize their systems. continued

Sensorex Expands S8000 Electrode Series
By adding the S8075CD flat-surface pH electrode and the S8075CD-ORP in-line oxidation-reduction potential electrode, the company has enabled its modular industrial platform to deliver direct ¾ in. continuous in-line monitoring. continued

Measurement Computing Debuts DAQami Software
The company announced the pre-release of the out-of-the-box software, which allows users of MCC DAQ hardware to acquire, view, and log data quickly and easily. continued

Continuuity Updates Developer Suite
The company has integrated MapReduce into the platform, allowing developers to run real-time and batch workloads on a single cluster over shared datasets. continued

Silicon Labs Debuts Single-Die MEMS Oscillator
The new Si50x CMEMS oscillators offer a competitive alternative to quartz-based timing devices, promising excellent frequency stability, reliability, and programmability. continued

Tollgrade Announces Smart Grid Sensor Software
The latest version of LightHouse Sensor Management System software intelligently analyzes real-time grid conditions, helping utilities identify power outages quickly, detect the causes of failures, and protect substation transformers. continued


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