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July 27, 2012     

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Sensors Insights By Peter Littlewood

September Sensors Workshop
When it comes to next-generation technologies, sensors are one of the few areas of research that offer so much potential for development and that will find as broad a range of applications. From networks to the environment, transportation to biomedicine, sensor technology will provide an essential key to the growth of many different industries. continued

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Top News


Mercury Computer Systems Receives $5.2M in Orders
A leading defense contractor has ordered the company's high performance digital signal and image processing modules for use in airborne radar applications. continued

Ramtron, ROHM Sign F-RAM Product Manufacturing Agreement
Ramtron places initial F-RAM product orders on ROHM's production-ready F-RAM line. continued


ARC Examines Market for Photoelectric Sensors
Analysis says market faces increasing demand for smart sensors as well as price pressure. continued

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Flexpoint to Develop New Sensor Type
Under the joint development agreement, the company will develop a variation of its Bend Sensor for use in narrow tubes. continued

VectorNav Releases the GPS-Aided Inertial Navigation SoC
The VN-200 GPS-aided inertial navigation system provides position, velocity, and attitude with accuracies better than 0.25° in pitch and roll and 0.75° in heading. continued

RuBee Certified with a HERO, Zero SSD from Fused Ordnance
U.S. Navy test report shows RuBee Auto-ID wireless tags, handhelds and base stations have a zero safe separation distance (SSD) on HERO SAFE and HERO UNSAFE ordnance. continued

MAX36025 Ensures Smart Grid Infrastructure Security
Maxim Integrated Products' security manager adds secure encryption to critical points of data aggregation within the smart grid. continued

Semtech Launches Smart Proximity Sensor
SX9300 device delivers capacitive sensing with proximity feature and human body detection versus inert object discrimination for short-range human presence detection & SAR regulations in mobile & tablet PC applications. continued

Real-Time Monitoring Slashes Water, Energy Usage
Researchers at SRC and the University of Arizona have achieved a 30% reduction in wafer surface cleaning requirements; technology offers manufacturing sustainability for both 300 mm and 450 mm processes. continued

Octal Ultrasound Receiver Reduces Processor Overhead
Analog Devices' AD9670 octal ultrasound receiver with digital I/Q demodulator and decimation filter captures and conditions ultrasound RF signals to ease FPGA processing burden in cart-based and portable ultrasound equipment. continued

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Stonestreet One and Freescale Semiconductor Partner
Will provide ultra low power connectivity to the healthcare and fitness market with a Bluetooth smart module. continued

SQLstream Joins Google Cloud Platform Partner Program
Continuous ETL connector enables real-time Big Data integration with Google's BigQuery. continued

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